ACH deposits

All done with companies that pay via ACH. I don’t need to wait 5 days for the deposit to hit my account. Pay via Deluxe checks and you get the email, sign into the Deluxe check site you can print it if you choose, and deposit immediately. I just sent an email to the companies who don’t use it and well they can either get with the program or not.

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Eh… by depositing the eCheck, you still have to wait up to 10 days for it to clear.

Nope, I don’t. It goes right into my business account. Immediate access.

hmmm, my echeck mobile deposits within 24 hours unless its a holiday or the weekend.

Say what? I don’t remember having to wait. :thinking:.

From the Deluxe eCheck site: (italics mine)

Deposit the eCheck
A Deluxe eCheck is deposited just like any other check — at a bank branch, through an ATM or using Remote Deposit Capture on a smartphone. When available, if the recipient needs access to an eCheck payment even faster, they can opt in for those funds to be available in their bank account in minutes by using Instant Funds* powered by Hyperwallet

I don’t know what you’re referring to in regards to payment. I get the notification, I log into the site, I print the check. I cut the check, endorse it, deposited via mobile deposit and it’s right in my business account for immediate access. Nothing more, nothing less.


I deposit my checks and they are immediately available when I do mobile deposit


Yeah, me, too. Most of my checks come via Deluxe and I print, endorse, photo-deposit and never have a hold or delay in accessing my dough. Maybe the bank just likes me :wink:


On a side note here, keep in mind your bank controls the timeframe they process deposits regardless how they come (usually stipulated in their T&C’s). The amount of the check, what bank its backed by, the frequency you deposit checks from that bank, etc. all dictate this. Basically, how “quickly” you receive your money is on your bank, not the payer. The payer gets credit for the date they issued the check, when it clears with your bank is not on the payer or the payment system they use. Also keep in mind, if its the first time you are getting paid from a particular payer, they “may” need some additional time to ensure the banking info you gave them is not only accurate, but belongs to you so they can actually confirm on your end that you actually received the funds. Hope this helps!


As a former Bank Manager… I approve of this message… :rofl:


My bank doesn’t take Deluxe check. Is there another way to deposit it?

Did they give you a reason? @VIPnotaryCO … can they refuse a legitimate form of payment? Is that even legal for them to do? At our bank we were not allowed to reject deposits. We would accept and hold. In the deluxe program you can have the funds deposited into your account for a fee I believe.

If you already printed it you will have to reach out to the company that issues it and have them void the check and reissue you another one. I believe you have a couple of options on the program to receive the funds again for a fee.

If it were me I would print the whole thing off with the two pages demand to speak to the manager and demand to know why. If they say policy I would demand to see the written policy… but that’s just me I’m THAT person!

Are you kidding? What is the name of your bank? Deluxe checks are widely accepted by banks.
I would ask to speak to the big boss. Maybe the teller is new and not familiar with E-check/Deluxe check. Just make sure you print it correctly that has all the negotiable items on check. I have one that I need to print and deposit today!

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They told me there system doesn’t pick up the print of the check. The system doesn’t recognize it as a check.

I printed it out twice. I took the entire sheet with me the invoice and the check portion. It was just $50. But at the same time its my $50, lol.

@kat.gaines04 do a search here using your keywords…someone had the same problem and posted the solution that worked for them

Thank you so much! I will look into that.

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This is stupid, but real (for me). I print and remote capture my checks and get my money instantly. The “stupid” part? If I print in black and white, the remote doesn’t always capture. I print in color, I get it every time. FYI