Acknowledgement vs jurat

What is the difference between the two and when do I add them to a signing package or how do I know that one of these is needed? Thank you

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im surprised that this is a real question

The difference is fairly simple.

A jurat requires an oath, generally indicated by wording that refers to such, ie “I do swear or affirm…” A jurat also requires that the signer sign in the presence of the notary.

An acknowledgement provides the signer with proof that they have affixed their signature to a document - that they “acknowledge” their signature. Look for the words “acknowledge” or “recognize”, etc. A signer may sign a document to be acknowledged prior to meeting with the notary. However, if that is done, best notarial practice is to ask the signer to verbally acknowledge the signature before notarizing.

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Judi’s summary is accurate.

Also, here is a previous thread with helpful info from multiple contributors: Jurat or acknowledgement

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I take it you haven’t take any notary courses as of yet???

So, do I need to do this with every signing. I know I had acknowledgements when the signer was the second signer (first was in another state). That is what I’m confused about. I can’t find any clear answer via Google :wink:

Ummm…obviously I have otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Don’t be rude. Some people.


“Add to the package”
The simple answer is No, the document package should contain all certificate documents in the original package; excluding of course the scenario of a “split”/mail-away signings.

Regarding “how do I know” which one to utilize, that decision is to be made by the signer/attorney/escrow officer/loan officer, etc.

NOTE: If you make the decision of which notarial certificate [acknowledgement/jurat] to utilize, you’ll be engaging in Unlicensed Practice of Law [UPL].

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Thank you cNsa5. That explained everything I was wondering. I have done a split one before and of course I used the acknowledgement. Again, thank you!!!


Sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all.

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That’s an excellent description from Judy.

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i didnt personally attack anyone

Yeah you did…c’mon

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