Acknowledgment question

So I had an acknowledgement on a document. the signature line went onto next page. so I signed the second page and added my seal by my signature. they didn’t accept that. wanted a new acknowledgement. What would you do? I didn’t feel. I notarized it incorrectly. I did send a new acknowledgement stating the document it was for but they required me to scan it and email it then send it via fedex. that takes my time and no extra $ I don’t get it. why are notaries time not important or not valued as we do this to make a living!

Under same circumstances, I got ‘reprimanded’ for adding a loose (all on one page) Ack. So there is no ‘right way’; only an ‘our way’ as far as hiring party is concerned, but my SOS disagrees–and that backed them down.

Never send an acknowledgement loose to anyone - if they didn’t like it on the form THEY provided to you, then you have them send the document to you and you’ll go back to the signers and attach a compliant ack. (unless your state allows you to make changes to your ack after the fact we can’t do that here in Florida). Also, I would NOT pay fedex for their error.

Not sure what state you are located in but in CA if the ACK is not on ONE page we are required to attach a loose certificate.