Added a Laserjet Printer in my Trunk. :-)

After reading a post by JudiKidd, i ordered a Pure Sine Power Inverter on Amazon for $180. I know nothing about cars. Or Batteries, or Power Inverters. All I knew was, I wanted a scanner or a printer in my car. I DID IT.!!
i got the one Amazon recommended. Then I went to Automotive Stereo Place. They sent me to buy additional items from an auto parts store. I bought a rechargeable battery & Case. to be honest - i have no idea what kind of battery it was. Just that it cost $280. uug. And the battery case $50. The Stereo shop, attached the case and the power inverter in my trunk – very well attached. I needed additional cables & Switches. I pad the stereo guys $535 to do the work and for all the cables/ switches. the Guys told me a separate battery in my trunk is much safer than using the car battery. But they did connect the car battery to the trunk battery, so, the trunk battery will not need to be separately charged. It’s pretty awesome. Just cost about $1,100. Hopefully, it will payoff.


Holy cow. i would never do that. i get deep discounts at office depot on printing if absolutely necessary and i can take my 2nd scanner into fed ex w/ my laptop and use it free there. i’ve been doing this over 10 years and never saw the need to spend the money (especially that kind of money) on in car printer/scanner. i wish you the best.


Could you tell us more about the discounts ? letter size? Legal size? how did you obtain the discount?

That’s a lot of money invested… my hiring parties just have to wait till I get home and upload their documents. Less and less they ask me to upload. Wish you the best :ok_hand:

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If you sign up on you can get a discount on printing at office depot. Prints cost .03¢ each

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Prestige Notaries has a purchasing program with Office Depot. I think it’s $0.025 per page with their purchasing card.


Ask your local ups if they have a print card program. 1000prints/$40. That’s The cheapest I’ve seen

I’ve had a prestige card and use it buy paper. Haven’t gotten the print costs that you mention. I’ll keep trying

I use the discounts with Prestige Notaries as well-I went Business Select with Office Depot as well and it has already paid off.

So 250 pages would be $10.00 is that correct?

Yes. It’s a good price

Hi there. Can you share your price to purchase paper. The cheapest 10 ream I found for letter is 27 at Sam’s and for Legal, it’s 68 at Amazon.

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I know… I just got tried of having to lose jobs because I was too far from home. I wish i would have known how inexpensive printing at Office Depot was… Shoot.
I haven’t used it yet (the power inverter). It’s been less than 2 weeks. I figure it’s business expense, and it’ll pay off after 7 signings. Not to mention, this will help me pick up the last minute, higher priced signing. I have extra printers and scanners for my car. I’ll keep you posted on how this works out.

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Good for you! I know there’s a lot of hate here, but you have to do what is best for you and your business. I would definitely use that as a marketing tool towards direct business to title companies to help pay yourself back for your expense. Also, keep in mind, this is tax-deductible. I know if I had that setup, I could imagine I could pick up at least 2 additional appointments daily. More during month-end, where companies are paying big bucks for last min appointments! The best investment is the investment in your own business.


I think it’s great to have a setup in your vehicle. I live in a rural area with no UPS, FedEx, or other print shops nearby so this is my goal to have in a few months. I can travel 50-100 miles for signings and have had to turn down last-minute requests because I had no way to print. I have mobile WiFi and a scanner, but no printer setup yet.

I am going to do this in my truck…$1100 is cheap compared to the time I will save going to get docs at my house or at a store…

Think About it…an average signing is $100 and it takes 1 hour or less
If I drive home or to the store it is 1 hour minimum do that 1 time a day for 30 days and you just spent $3,000

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How is things coming with your new set up? Thanks for sharing .

Are you saying that you take your laptop inside office depot? To my understanding the privacy of teh documents we are not to use public computer or send doc’s to a print and go(FedEx) just be careful doing this. Just think you wouldn’t want someone treating your information as such. Hopefully I misunderstood.

That’s about the price I normally pay also.