Adobe Reader Update

Anyone else having issues printing the legal size pages today on Adobe Reader?
Everything was fine on Monday.

Yes. I’ve been experiencing the same issue and struggling to figure out a solution. If anyone can help…

Thank you.

I found this on another thread, posted by Arichter. I am now sure how to redirect you, but here is her message:

Some sort of update created this and many have complained. Quite a few solved it by using Foxit in place of Adobe. I also found this fix, which several say worked for them:

“I found this on the Adobe Support Community and it worked for me:
Steps to turn off the ‘Protected Mode’ :
Launch Acrobat
Click on Edit (from Menu Bar) > Preferences
Click on ‘Security (Enhanced)’
Uncheck ‘Enable Protected Mode at startup (Preview)’ > Click Yes (on popup)
5. Click on OK > Close & Re-Launch application and check.”

I tried it and it worked.

You are awesome! Thank you!

Yes, it shut me down on Wednesday. I thought I had a virus, or that my Brother printer was malfunctioning. After calling Brother twice, and downloading Adobe twice, I purchased Adobe DC, which corrected the problem, now I am on the hook for $14.99 a month.

However I get cloud storage and the ability to make my own PDF files, and it seems to be an improvement to Adobe Reader. Oh well… lost about $500 in signings and dissected my computer. I should have gone on Notary Cafe to see if other were experiencing the same problem, never though an Adobe update would slam me.

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Issue was caused by a Reader update late on 2/10. JGoNotary’s fix is the one posted on the Adobe website - it worked fine for my partner. Like davidslocke2016, I have Acrobat DC Pro - have had it for about a year now. The program is flexible and surprisingly useful. There have never been any issues like wingdings or printing errors, and the monthly fee is a tax deductible expense.