Adobe Scan

I’m thinking about downloading Adobe Scan (phone app) as my goal is to use an app that can take scans and place them all in 1 pdf.

I thought this could also be useful in putting IDs into pdf form.

Adobe Scan has a great plan whereby when you “save it”, the pdf goes into an/the Adobe Cloud and then when you are done taking/scanning all the documents on your phone,
you can send the pdf (containing multiple pages) to your email etc.

Main problem with Adobe App is that documents are going into a “cloud” … is this a security concern?

As opposed to … a portable scanner going/scanning documents directly into your computer.

Any thoughts?


Downloaded Adobe Scan from GooglePlay.
Seemed easy at first and then I emailed the pdf scans as an attachment to my Outlook email.
When I opened the pdf,
out popped malware ads warning of virus or a game , couldn’t get to the pdf scans until I went back and forth etc.
That is very scary particularly as it relates to private documents I would send from my phone to my email.

I can only believe the virus originated in the Adobe Scan app as I have NEVER had a virus / crazy ad in any attachment that I trusted…I thought I could trust the pdf sent/created in the Adobe Scan.

I downloaded Tiny Scanner also and it is not user friendly.
No current YouTube videos about it.

Looks like there is no future for me with phone apps.

If you have the paid version of the Adobe the scanner app is free. It does save to the cloud but you can password protect it. I use it for small scans when I’m on the road for 10 pages or less mostly for convenience. I love it

Buy a portable scanner. They’re cheap and safe.

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