Advantage Title, LLC St. Louis, MS - Refi Package Issues

Advantage Title, LLC has by far one of the worst refi loan packages I’ve ever seen. 157 pages full of all kinds of over-the-top special requests including threats to refuse payment to the notary if directions aren’t followed. Their documents were poorly formatted, some are cut off that fit-to-print couldn’t correct. Some of their requests violated CA law such as requesting they sign their name with capacity included. If the capacity is printed below the signature line that shouldn’t be required unless it’s an attorney-in-fact.

The agency that gave this refi mess to me asked $100 fee with a drive to Mill Valley from San Francisco. I asked for $125 but that was still too low in my opinion. I like her so I’m not mentioning her name here. We go way back and she’s a really good person to work with. She didn’t harass me when I cancelled my commitment. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before in 12 years, but it was a real problem package.The only package that was nearly as bad was Stewart Title’s.

Title companies that put out bad packages need to improve them or pay more for putting signing agents and borrowers through such a time consuming mess.