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How are you marketing your Notary Signing Agent business to get “Direct Business” from Mortgage Officers in Georgia?

Unless you’re an attorney you cannot do loan closings in GA on GA properties - if you do a search here using keywords “Georgia” or something like that, the info was posted here a while back

Jury is still out on whether or not you can do them for properties outside of GA

I am well-aware that an Attorney has to “Over-see” closings in GA. I learned this way back when I first got Commissioned and became a Certified Signing Agent. I just wanted to get a few marketing tips, not laws. I’m very clear on the laws in the State of Georgia. Thanks LindaH


Answered my own question…I just did a search of all the Lenders in my area and “cold-called”.

Did not mean to offend.

One thing I used to do here in FL (not sure if this is available to you) is I’d check the property records for recorded mortgages and deeds within the past 3-4 months - on those documents here, top left corner indicates where the original recorded instrument is to be returned - I’d touch base with that entity and offered my services.

Good luck

I just got my signing Agent certification less than 30 days ago. Will I be able to use it all in Georgia?

Here’s the advisory opinion on that - which has been reaffirmed 2 or 3 times since it’s original publication in 2003…bottom line is Georgia notaries cannot conduct loan document signings in the state of Georgia on Georgia properties - they must be conducted by a Georgia attorney. I have not seen anything definitive about Georgia notaries conducting loan signings for out-of-state properties. In this law please note the following:

"Accordingly, the Committee concludes that, subject to any relevant exceptions set out by the Georgia legislature or courts, one who facilitates the execution of a deed of conveyance on behalf of another within the state of Georgia is engaged in the practice of law. One does not become licensed to practice law simply by procuring a notary seal. A Georgia lawyer who conducts a witness only closing does not, of course, engage in the unlicensed practice of law. There may well exist, however, professional liability or disciplinary concerns that fall outside the scope of this opinion.

Refinance closings, second mortgages, home equity loans, construction loans and other secured real estate loan transactions may differ in certain particulars from purchase transactions. Nevertheless, the centerpiece of these transactions is the conveyance of real property. Such transactions are, therefore, subject to the same analysis as set out above."

Sometime you got to back to during old school marketing techniques. Yes, cold-calling does works and personal appearances. also.

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Funny how so many Loan Signing Agents who AREN’T in Georgia try to pretend LSAs IN GEORGIA don’t know the laws in GEORGIA. They don’t say where they live/work as an LSA either.

Very discouraging… but pay them no mind.
I pay them no mind. I know the laws here. We all passed a TEST to get our GA Commission; and I would never do a closing on real estate in Georgia, without an attorney involved.

Our hustle is different, more diversified and more creative.
That’s how I’m going to make this work. I’m branching out… looking into everything.

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