Advice on Certifying as Notary and working Remote

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post!

My name is Emilio, please call me “Emi”. So I am considering certifying as a Notary Public in Florida and am only just looking into this. I had a few questions, if that’s okay and I would greatly appreciate any advice you all have.

First of all, has anyone heard of Certified Mobile Notary They emailed ME and want to offer me work, but…I don’t know, it sounds a bit strange. I don’t understand HOW they offer me remote work?

But more than them, I am actually interested in knowing if I can do Notary work remotely from my home AND would I get enough of it for it to be steady and worth the investment in being certified, etc.?

Right now, I’m doing Uber Eats full time and if I can become a certified Notary in my State and ONLY if I can steady (or at least close to it) work as a Notary in my state and IF it is financially worth my while, I would seriously consider doing it.

Right now, I’m making between $10-13/hour and I would like to find something better or at least similar where I’m not using my car so much.

Thanks again for your time, I look forward to your responses!

Be careful, what a scam! They want to offer you signing? Unless I misread you’re not even a notary public yet?


Have to agree with previous poster. This doesn’t sound like anything but a scam. I commend you very much for finding this site and asking before you buy into a lot of bs hype. To explore this issue more thoroughly, try ‘search’ by clicking on the magnifying glass that magically appears when you hover your mouse over the upper right area of the dark brown bar at the top of this page!
You’ll find hours of educational pros & cons and will learn a lot from other people’s mistakes in jumping into a field you currently know nothing about.
You’re a rare bird for what you’ve done right now (be skeptical & fact check).
Good reading and good luck.


Thank you and yes I did find just one article here about them after reading your post. It DOES appear they’re scammy, so here’s my next question.

IS there a viable work environment for remote work as a notary and what does a typical work week look like for someone wanting to do this?

In other words, would I be able to get steady work and have it be financially feasible to make an initial investment into becoming certified?

My state doesn’t even allow me to be a RON notary…so take what i say with the whole box of salt. Judging from what I’ve read on this very site over the past year, a few notaries with good skills, location, contacts & already successful as mobile notaries are doing well. But more are sitting on their computers for hours trying to ‘be first to click’ on a job with no way of knowing what it is…and then only making $5 before returning to the ‘queue’.


No need to pay to play. They advertise all the time on job boards and want you to pay for training. if you need trained, go with NNA. Skip these folks.

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Thank you everyone!

I spoke with a local Notary and she gave me loads of very helpful advice, much of what you guys said.

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@eminamydiaz if you search here for 'rparker" - he posted extensively on doing this - if I recall correctly he, too, is in Florida - look for his posts - they are very educational on this RON procedure.

Best of Luck


Hi Emi, welcome to Notary Cafe.

Asking a forum of notaries if it is worth your while to pursue this is like approaching a group of realtors to ask if it is worth it to be a broker or asking traders whether its worth trading stocks on Wall Street. You inevitably receive biased answers.

I am in the notary business, so here is my biased answer: All you can do is try to increase your odds of success by reading, learning, and being prepared. Look at your states laws regarding becoming a notary public. (You have to be a commissioned notary public and know how to perform basic notarizations before you can be a notary signing agent.)

Spend time reading through the threads in this forum. There are so many questions already asked and answered which new or aspiring notaries may find helpful. Use the search feature like @Arichter suggests.

As far as notary training, RUN from anyone trying to lure you into this with the promise of a six-figure income or guarantees you success if only you purchase and follow their “proven system”. Pay close attention to your gut. If it tells you it sounds like a racket, it’s probably a racket! Selling you by telling you what you want to hear. You know that success for any individual in any field can never be guaranteed. What is predictable? Your own skills, qualifications, work habits, and resources. (Resources= startup money for training, licensing, insurance, office equipment, office supplies, car, etc.) What is unpredictable? Changes in demand, market conditions, interest rates, laws/rules, etc.

Lastly, if you do decide to pursue work as a notary signing agent, be wary of anyone who wants YOU to pay THEM in order to get assignments. Pay for advertising your business, yes, sure, you may reach that point. But pay to receive assignments? NO. That’s just not how it’s done.

Good luck. ~Carmen


Concurred. Well said. Thank you.


This is so helpful thank you SO MUCH!!!

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Yup thanks I’ve been reading some already I think it’s theirs!

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Yep, be proactive, be a sponge-dig deep for answers you need, gather and examine best practices. You have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Don’t let others cloud your decision.

Any signing service you have to pay them to be listed on their website to get work, IS A SCAM.