Agency Contracts May Need Tweaking

Beware of potential vultures looking to contract you for more than just being an NSA. I wrote this letter to clarify the contract I signed was as an NSA only. They could possibly file a claim over violating a contract with them. You never know.

My clarification was accepted to this agency by email as follows:

“Just to clarify the contract I signed, I will only accept packages of mortgage related signings and not any general notary work from your agency. This includes trusts and all the rest that’s not in need of an agency’s coordination since our locality and 5 star reviews marketing overrides the need of out of state agencies to intervene as such.

This other service work notaries such as myself provide is considered outside the spectrum as well as jurisdiction of agencies such as yours. E.g., occasionally agencies call for one deed assignments related to notary signing work that’s okay.

I signed your contract as a notary signing agent only. All other services I perform aren’t under the contract I signed. I don’t pass out my business card at these mortgage signings, however won’t be referring inquiry calls to my business ———- to your agency. So basically this is to clarify I’m not contracted to refer any business calls to your agency outside notary signing agent related work.”

Hope this helps.