Alamo Home Finance

Has anyone else here successfully gotten paid from Alamo Home Finance (in San Antonio, TX)? I received last minute call from them for a Saturday closing in April for a “property tax” closing. I honestly informed them that I had never done and asked what was required. I was told it was just like a typical home closing. After a quick check on company while on the phone, I agreed to take as long as they would pay me same day after I finished the assigningment. Long story short, when I received package (after hours), it required visiting 3 different locations and taking pictures. I did call and email to let them know that this was not a “normal” closing. Still waiting for pay 60 days no pay. Have called, emailed, faxed Augusto “Gus” Arellano (owner) and Erik (in charge of payments), etc. Spoke with Erik once who said “check is on bosses desk”. Any other suggestions on how collect? Thanks in advance!

You will have to take them to Small Claims court to get payment. Sorry!

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Did you ever got paid? They do not answer any of my calls and it’s being over 90 days.