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Has anyone worked with this company? I got a job for them for a closing through Signing Order. It’s been 60 days since the date of the closing, and I have yet to be paid. It says there’s no need to send them an invoice because they automatically pay “Payments are submitted within 30 days after a signing is complete.” I have called, left voicemails, sent my invoice, and all I hear is crickets. TIA.

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I’ve never worked for them, but my recommendation is being that they have exceeded their own stipulated payments terms, I would email them an invoice and maybe shoot one out into the mail as well (marked PAST DUE) and start the clock.


Just thinkin’ out loud, folks. What if one were to send any new-to-you signing service a brief memo that goes like this. . .

"To my new colleagues at [NAME] Signing Service:
Your team has enlisted me as a signing agent to handle your orders. I am grateful for this opportunity and I will do my very best to earn your confidence. So, here’s our deal:

I’ll perform professional signings in keeping with notary industry standards and the instructions you provide with each order. You, in turn, will promptly render payment of the agreed-upon fee for my services. I will not give you cause to chase me down to fix errors and oversights and you will not give me cause to chase after delinquent payment for services previously rendered. We have a contract and we mutually agree to work together to resolve any issues that may arise."

Do y’all think this approach would weed out the flakes and non-payors?


UGH! Still no response. I’m about to send my invoice via U.S. Mail, marked PAST DUE, and I’m also going to add late fees.

That’ll show 'em, eh?

You may benefit from taking a more assertive approach. Advise them that you’ll refer them to your Secretary of State’s office or whatever agency has jurisdiction over their operations. Refer them to the BBB and give 'em an ugly rating on YELP. Do something that will cause them to react to get you to stop doing what you’re doing to sully their reputation. Just my thoughts. . .

Can anyone say “Copyright?” I like it!

Did They every pay? I did a job for them and experiencing similar treatment.

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@jam.mobilenotarysvcs Do you still have the name & contact info for the Title/Escrow Company [T/EC] for your signing?

If yes, many have found it quite expedient for payment receipt to reach out to the title company and discuss the Signing Service [SS] non-payment situation . . . Normally, the T/EC will place pressure on the SS utilizing various techniques or (in some instances) the T/EC will pay the invoice.

Of course, results varies from one T/EC to another as well as varies by state/locality.


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Yes, he paid. No, he did not pay my late fees. I did put a bad review on his Google page. No, I do not have the title company or escrow information. It was a few months ago. I only keep scanned docs on my computer for about a week.

:yellow_heart: Thanks for your followup with details.

FYI: It could be helpful to retain each Signing Order Confirmation & ensure that you make note of ALL the germane names, addresses, contact details, etc. in the event it’s needed for fee collection purposes.


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That’s a great idea!

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I never kept any of the loan documents after the signing; the only exception was if there was money due, then I kept a copy of the first page of the HUD (at that time) showing the bottom line along with a copy of the check stapled to it

What I did keep was a copy of all confirmations along with copies of all email correspondence and all instructions - 9 times out of 10 the names of all parties involved were included in that paperwork.



I have a signing I picked up May 9th and have still not been paid. I have emailed several times and will be calling tomorrow. I will absolutely be leaving a bad review on their google page as well.

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I also have not been paid for a signing performed on June 1st. Have left several voicemails and sent emails.

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Wondering if the OP @jam.mobilenotarysvcs could ADD the term “ALERT” or “WARNING” at the beginning of the Thread Title please . . .


NOTE: If doing a Search to vet a potential new client and the term ALERT or WARNING is in the title, it would be a quicker reference instead of having to pull up the thread, read through the posts, etc.

1st Choice Notary Services data:

(702) 267-9500 DIRECT
(877) 513-2407 TOLL FREE
(281) 699-2473 FAX

info@1stchoicenotaryservices .com

3620 Silverado Trail
Roanoke, TX 76262

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I haven’t been paid for a 6/6 signing. Got one reapinse and nothing after that. Sent a notice finally to Title and he responded once after they reached out to him and then again - nothing. Reached out to Title again and they reached out again, but told him they don’t want to be in the middle of this. SS have never responded to that, so I’m sending a Demand Letter. This is ridiculous, when these SS get paid and dont pass it on. They are breaking a contact and very unprofessional.

@cj1 Yes, an unprofessional manner in which to manage their Accounts Payable . . .

There is a post by @rparker that you may find instructional/helpful:


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Send it to them certified and regular mail with signing confirmation.

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I am so sorry that, that happened. I had a similar experience with a different company. I’m just now getting back in to the business of working with signing companies following a hiatus after that. I should have kept going with the many other signing services that operate in integrity.

Peace and Blessings…