ALERT: AuthorizeSign LLC

This company has not paid me for work done. Does anyone have information about them or experienced the same problem. I have not received any response from phone calls and emails I’ve sent.

Contact the Title Co. They may or may not pay you, but they can put SS feet to the fire.


Yes, concur with Arichter :100: percent.


Overdue Notary Invoices: Strategies For Getting Paid | NNA (

When I don’t get paid [or at least get paid within 60 days] I call and email the contact person at the signing service. If I cannot reach anyone and/or I get no satisfaction, I call the title company. If that doesn’t yield results, I call the lender and the escrow company. I don’t complain; rather, I just inform them that we both have been working with a SS that fails to honor their contract with me and I’m soliciting their assistance. They always try to help me out.

I say “always”. . . actually, I have not had much of a problem of getting paid [eventually] but I have had to “encourage” some SS to pay me by using the method outlined above.

Frankly, I’ve got a nice cadre of SS that know me and pay me on time. My practice going forward will be to call any SS that is new to me prior to accepting any assignments. I’ll request verifiable contact information, a verbal response to my queries about payment practices and I’ll ask about problem resolution steps. I beginning to keep a little notebook on all this stuff.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I don’t wait 60 days… I send them a “Friendly” email reminder after 30 days asking for an ETA on payments. I have …so far… (I’m new at this so I know this won’t always be the case) I have gotten paid within 35 days or less.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. I will begin by reaching out to the title company.

I start sending invoices at day 29🤷🏾‍♀️

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I got my AuthorizeSign job through Notary Dash which I assumed vetted its vendors. I can see I am being set up for non-payment as this job is still not marked as complete on their dashboard after several weeks and zero response to multiple requests for an explanation. Thanks for posting.