ALERT: Caller claiming to represent Amrock

I received a call 10/25/2022, from a woman claiming to represent Amrock. She stated she found me on Notary Café, would like to recruit me, and confirmed my fees. She then stated that I would be receiving an email from Amrock in the next 2 days confirming the phone call. The call sounded suspicious, as I know Amrock is not accepting applications from Idaho or Washington at this time. I sent an email to Amrock, gave them the woman’s name, phone number and requested confirmation of the phone call as I was worried any emails received may be corrupt. An Amrock representative immediately replied back and confirmed the phone call did not come from them.
I still have not received an email from her and do not know what she gained from the phone call as I did not give her any personal information.
Be aware of these calls!!!


@northwestnotaryinc Great “spidey” senses! :sparkles::spider_web: :spider:

P.S. Thank you for sharing your experience & all the details involved. Very helpful! :owl::crown:


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