ALERT: Celtic Signings - Dennis McGrath - Cherry Hill, NJ

Dennis McGrath with Celtic Signings is absolutely horrible. It’s been 98 days, several emails, text messages and phone calls and still NO PAYMENT.

I took the step of contacting the title company to inform them of my situation. And coincidently, the title officer/closer happens to live in my little town.

Several negative things about this company. Please do not accept any signings from them!!!

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Sorry to read about the payment difficulties. Others may find it helpful if you add the word “Beware” to your thread title. :blush:

After a quick database Search, I found 15 threads about non-payment by the business: Celtic Signings. Here is a direct url link to the Notary Cafe listing of those threads:

If you have some time to read, you may be able to locate some successful methods to achieve payment for professional services successfully provided.

The Search Function can be accessed via the Magnifying Glass [see image below] on the Page Ribbon (brown) at the top of this web page.


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