ALERT: Do Not Do Business with Kelley's Mobile Notary

This is to serve as a warning and a cautionary advisory, as well as a little venting…
I completed a job back in July for a company called “Kelley’s Mobile Notary” based out of Texas (I am in Florida). It was just to perform a simple notary signing for a young woman who selling her property to a company. I received a phone call from “Carla” who sent me the document to be signed. I completed the signing of the one document and emailed it back to Carla to show her it was completed accurately. It then took Carla 2 weeks to acquire a FedEx label so I could return the original notarized document. I have been fighting with this company since July 24th to get paid. I have sent out past due invoices via USPS as well as email attachments. The most recent interaction with this company was on September 29th when I spoke to a representative over the phone and he was very apologetic and ensured me that the check would be sent out that day. It has been almost 2 weeks since that conversation and still I have not received a check. This is not a matter of they didn’t have all my information correctly, because they did and they do. All of it was verified before I even took the job, in addition it was verified over the phone again 2 weeks ago when I was ensured the check was going out that day. I have sent another email to the company, this time demanding payment. I would strongly advise anyone reading this to not do business with this company.


I went through a payment issue with them also. I’ve performed 2 signings for them and each time I struggled to get paid with poor responses. The last one I sent 5 requests for payment and followed up with phone calls. I have them on my list of companies to not do signings for.


Same here. I did 2 jobs for them back in June and July 2021. They were late in paying both of them. I kept sending my invoice via email. I finally called and they gave me a different email address to send my invoices. One got paid. (One would think they would have paid both.) The second one was actually older. I kept sending my invoices via email. I finally left them a bad review on their Google page. THAT got their attention! Immediately, I got an email saying they were sending payment that day, and even sent a photo proving they had put it in the mail. When I finally got my payment (over 100 days after the assignment date), I sent them an email asking them to take me off their list of available notaries in Texas. They were very apologetic. “Lateasha” said she is personally responsible for sending out the checks, but that she had been ill. I just said, “it’s too bad you’re burning bridges for such a small amount.” Oh well… BLACKLISTED!


This letter has worked well for me; I’ve gotten paid:

Hello SOS and DORA,

I’m a Colorado Notary Public and Signing Agent writing to request your assistance in collecting money owed for services I completed for (insert contact name, business name, address, phone, email).

I completed a mortgage refinance signing for ( insert business name) on July 10, 2020. To date, after multiple attempts to contact them by phone and email, regarding late payment, they have not responded.

At this point, it seems they intend to defraud a Notary Public. Therefore, I’m requesting that their authority to do business be suspended until they make payment for the service I provided them in full, plus interest.

I address this letter as though I’m sending it to SOS & DORA in my state and copied to SOS & DORA in their state. Then I email it to the SS that hasn’t paid me with a dead line to have payment in my hand; I suggest they pay via PayPal or similar.

It has worked well for me. In fact, I’ve never sent a single letter to SOS & DORA.


Sign up for Legal Shield and their small business plan. Then have an attorney send them a letter.


I did a closing for her a long long long time ago $175. I basically had to threaten her that I will contact Title Company and lender! But it took 40 days before I got my check. Thank God, the check cleared. Never again! No thanks to anything more than two weeks pay schedule. The owner’s name is not Kelley. I have her real name, cell phone # and email somewhere, just need to dig up the contact info for you all.

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OK, I am so sorry. I think when I saw the no payment complaints I felt bad and wanted to help. But I cannot provide someone’s personal contact info without their approval. I have never done that before and never will share other people’s personal info without their authorization. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s been a number of years since I worked with Lateasha, so no recent payment turnaround time info.

The contact info in my files appears to be the most current as it mirrors the data available via a web search (see below for urls searched).

Kelley’s Mobile Notary Service
10878 Westheimer Rd #245
Houston, TX 77042
MAIN: 877.237.7865
FAX: 888-237-3004

FOUNDER & PRINCIPAL: Lateasha Kelley

FB: Redirecting...

Sorry, I have a two yr old invoice with a different email & mailing address, and her cell but I can’t share without her permission.

A google search will find her - she does have public profiles…complete with different phone numbers and mailing addresses. Anyone needing it can find it with some in-depth searching.

You will get paid if you dig deep and find the correct contact info on her?
When I didn’t see a check within two or three weeks, I sent her an invoice on the 28th day after closing date. In the email, I threatened to contact the lender and title co. And she called me immediately from her cell phone after I clicked sent. We spoke, she was very professional and assured me that she would never stiff notaries. I got my check in the mail about three days later!

I left a bad review on her Google page. THAT got their attention! She replied that she had been sick, and that’s no excuse, bla, bla, bla. She then sent an email with a photo of the check as proof that she had mailed it out. I waited until I got the check in the mail and deposited. Then I replied to her and thanked her for her payment, and I said, “it’s too bad you burned some bridges over such a small amount ($60.00).” She was overly sweet and apologetic, and I simply replied, “I’m a small business and can’t afford to wait over 100 days to get paid. I’m sorry. Take me off your list of available notaries in my area.” Bye Felicia!


Hello, that seems like a good idea. What is DORA?

DORA is a Colorado regulatory Agency- Department of Regulatory Agencies

66 days to get paid. When I finally did, she ended up adding $20 to the check and sent me a small gas gift card.

I did a signing for Kelleys Mobile Notary on March 23. Although I knew about warnings in this forum about payments problems, I decided to have a conversation with Valerie at Kelleys Mobile Notary. She assured me that it would not be an issue. After a few calls and emails, I received payment by mail on April 30th. She included a $5 gas card. More that likely I won’t accept any other assignments because I felt like I was being avoided. I really hate this entire situation. I’m still pretty new in the industry and right now gaining some experience is important as I work towards contracting with few title companies. Hopefully others will have better luck.

WOW!! I just did a job for them last week. Yikes, I just sent them my invoice and I live in Texas. Thanks so much Notary Cafe.

Hopefully your experience is better. I’m in Georgetown, TX.


Yes, the info available on Notary Cafe is very insightful & helpful, too!

It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

A request has been submitted on numerous occasions [to BRIGHTEN the Magnifying Glass] over the years to the Notary Cafe Team Leads. That request has been reportedly passed onto the programmers of the site => that members find it difficult to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


I wish I saw your post earlier :-(. I completed a Commercial signing for this company on November 5, 2021, and never heard anything from them after the signing. Nobody answered the phone, never returned calls, and never responded with emails!!! It is AWEFUL to deal with such cheater!!! They just want to use FREE notary services and keep the money for themselves!!! Can anybody advise what we need to do to stop such unmoral acts and to prevent more people to be used as free labor???

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