ALERT: Elite Etiquette Group => Not worth your time

@Mynotary19 Sorry to read about these payment difficulties with Elite Etiquette Group.

When working with a client who is new to me, while querying the turnaround time for payment, I always clarify with them as follows: “Is that calendar days? Or, business days?”

This may save you some stress & possible consternation in the future, because if the turnaround time is outside acceptable limits, a rejection of their “offer” can be tendered at that time.

Here are the direct url links within the Notary Cafe database on: Elite Etiquette Group

NOTE: I performed a cursory Search via the elusive & nearly “invisible” Magnifying Glass (see image below) for access to the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database.


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I experienced the same issue, they didn’t pay out until day 60. I will pass on any future notifications from this company. I don’t think that in this age of technology that 60 days for payment is acceptable, to me this screams cash flow issues. Lesson learned!


I’ve worked for both companies, and they have both paid as agreed. I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues.


Thank you, but it’s not me that is experiencing the difficulties . . . it’s @Mynotary19 that’s having trouble.

My post was offering insights, information, & assistance.


I worked for Elite Etiquette Group several times last year. Never had a problem, and they always paid as they said, which was up to 60 days. I knew that going in, and although I don’t like it, I agreed to those terms listed in the job notifications. I don’t have a cash flow issue so it’s fine with me.

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I don’t have a cash flow problem either. What are you trying to say?

They didn’t mean YOU have the cash flow problem - they meant the company does.

Yes, I understood that. I’m saying that it doesn’t affect me adversely to get paid 2 months after the job as I’m not living hand to mouth. It’s nice to get paid quickly, but when I’ve worked for them, I understand that’s not going to happen. They’ve always paid me, right around the 60th day.

Wondering if the OP @mynotary19 could ADD the term “ALERT” or “WARNING” at the beginning of the Thread Title please . . .


NOTE: If doing a Search to vet a potential new client and the term ALERT or WARNING is in the title, it would be a quicker reference instead of having to pull up the thread, read through the posts, etc.

I am in the same boat they paid me for one but not for the other one and it’s been 70 days they won’t answer at all

@shesanotary Here is a comprehensive guide created & posted by @rparker that you may find to be quite helpful in achieving payment for your professional services successfully provided.


123 days for me, today. 6th round of emails, invoices, and voice mails since mid August. Actually did get a response today…possibly because I wrote that tomorrow I am contacting the escrow team for this signing, just to bring them in the loop. Also, wrote to Signing Order today, asking what protections they have in place for Notaries. This is not the fist time I’ve reached out to SO regarding my issue with Elite Etiquette, but I did get a response today. See Below:


If we get complaints about the same company from multiple different notaries, we look into the situation to ensure that the notary was in fact NOT paid and then if they are habitual non-payers we have been known to remove them from the platform.


Kathreen Villacastin

P: (888) 250-6211


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I finally received the payment after calling the lender who is a friend of mine telling her they did not pay for her loan after that they paid me immediately. I will not be working for them again.


Thank you for sharing this. I will email SO to let them know about Elite Etiquette Group not paying me as well

@kimcarternotary Also, check out this Step-by-Step Guide by @rparker regarding general insights about receiving payment:


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Thank you for your response and help!

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Thank you, due to the warning, I opted out of this signing. I already got burned by AOE and Will.

Duly Devoted 2 Notary

@darla Interesting thought . . . :owl:

I’d like to ask you to consider this topic just a bit further before you make your final determination regarding this particular Signing Order.

  1. It’s understandable that one might consider requesting payment in advance. Always keep in mind that the payer can REVERSE that payment & still leave you in their dust . . . Something to ponder.

  2. As there are outstanding payables to other Professional Signing Agents [PSAs], the onus is upon that business entity to muster up the courage & tenacity to bring their affairs in orders & pay all their Past Due Payables. Requesting payment-in-advance could inadvertently further extend the payments to those who are already owed for the Professional services they’ve successfully provided. Often, in these types of instances, it’s like the game of ‘Musical Chairs’ where someone always loses. Best to Opt OUT of engagement with Non-Payers or Extended/Delayed Payers.

  3. Often these types of business entities will promptly pay inexperienced PSAs & request a glowing review on these forums; unfortunately, it’s a ruse to convince their ‘Audience’ they’ve turned things around financially. Usually, that certainly isn’t the case.

  4. Right now there are MANY reasons to be especially cautious as the foundation of our industry is rumbling & churning as if it’s about to unleash an Earthquake. As I have long suggested, utilize your Critical Thinking processes to protect yourself to ensure that:

  • you’re working with Professionals
  • you’re covering your out-of-pocket expenses & can turn a Profit!
  • you’ll be paid in a timely manner

Here is a direct url to a very helpful & instructional post on the Notary Cafe forum regarding => covering those out-of-pocket expenses & turning a Profit!



I opted out of having to wait for 60 days and wondering if I would ever get paid from Etiquette Group or just decide to work for free and lose my business expenses momentum. After reading other uncertainties regarding bounced checks, I would rather not waste my time or expenses. Thanks for the insight.

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There is a point when its time to cut your losses and move on. Keep records of all of your non-payees as there may be an write down as these could be a tax write down. As always, seek the advice of a qualified professional as each person’s financial situation is unique.