ALERT: Go Signing Agent

Has any one heard or used this company? I can not find any reviews on them. I keep getting emails.



See here - also do a search (top right, dim magnifying glass) for GoSigningAgent (all one word)

I don’t like their business name “go signing agent” i’m not a dog…. But I love dogs.

This is what I found on the internet about Go Signing Agent: Review - Scam Detector (

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I too keep getting text messages and email from them. They charge a one time $40 fee to join their database that they claim is refundable within like a 60 day window if you don’t receive any pickup in closings. Hmmm…

My advice is to avoid ANY company that wants to charge you a fee for ‘enrolling’ with them for assignments, referrals, etc. I did that when I was an uninformed newbie and it cost me $150 for nuthin’. Don’t do it unless you don’t like money.


This is not worth anything.


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And US Notary and Notary USA. Bah, Humbug.


LOL Bahambug indeed.

They are a scam. Number they send on email doesn’t even work. They don’t respond via email either.

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have you got any answers for this company? I kept receiving their text messages too and I do not know their credibility.

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