Just received email saying they were recruiting agents in Illinois. For real or another scam?

I received the same email and thought it looked a little sketchy. After a quick Google search, this is one of the first things that came up:

According to that website GoSigningAgent is rated poorly and has only been around since September 2021. I’d avoid them. I’m curious to see if anyone has a different opinion?

I got it, too. At least this (new, untried, no history) directory will refund your money if you get no business through (not from) them within 60 days (I assume…provided you remember to request a refund).

Got one in California, too. I haven’t responded.

Received here in Washington State … It is 40.00 to sign up. You can get full refund after 60days I believe it said. Then get your money back. I sent them an email to get more info and no response. So, I see it showing up as scam so I thought no thanks.

Received Houston TX. How could you be sure they would refund anything They could just disappear. If they asked for a fee after you tried the program, it would be more believable.