ALERT: **kelley's mobile notary from texas**

Hello all notaries,

I know this notary service has very bad reviews but I want to share something with you. Valerie from Kelley’s notary called me to do a signing in SF last minute. After seeing all the bad reviews I cancelled the signing. She called me and we talked for quite some time. So I went to the signing and said I will trust her this one time. Signing went well and I was paid. She has now taken over and wants to build that trust again so, to ALL NOTARIES WHO WAS NOT PAID FROM THE COMPANY to please call Valerie directly and tell her that I sent you and she promises to cut a check to all those that were not paid. So please reach out to her today and get your money.
Sometimes we all need second chances.
Have a beautiful day everyone and please share this message to anyone you know that worked with this notary company.

Valerie - 281-899-0182 email:



This may be helpful info, @gloriasimpson727 , for the others from the previous threads on this topic:

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Awesome, please share
I’m also going to post in Facebook

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    Last minute call I have been waiting no calls or replies

Hi Markus,

Please do me a favor so you can get paid.

Email Valerie and cc me…send her your invoice and tell her you were not paid and let her know you cc Gloria Simpson on the email


Valerie contact is 281-899-0182 or 877-237-7865

Please do asap…

When u get paid, take a photo and share.

Hi Markus

Notaries are getting paid. Please email Valerie your invoice and cc me. You will get paid.

I am helping those that have not been paid so I need you to send your invoice.

You can also email me directly if you like.



I’ve done Signings with them. Can’t recall having any issues with them.

WOW ! What a beautiful change from MOST SS’s . I hope your business takes off.
NOTES…lets make this SS a success!

I am curious. Are you taking over Lateasha’s signing business completely or are you just helping her resolving payment issues?

No not at all. To make a long story short. She called me for a signing and I accepted. Something told me to look them up so I did and I saw so many bad reviews so I cancelled my signing. She called me immediately and we spoke for about 20 minutes so I agree to go and she paid me on time.
She called the next day and we spoke for quite some time and what happened with past notaries were and I told her since I am notary that I am going to protect other notaries. After speaking with her, I felt that she was honest with me and she paid me on time so I was going to help her in telling those notaries that were not paid to please call Valerie and send their invoice to her and she promise to pay so to help rebuild the companies reputation. She already paid two other notaries and they cc me on it. I am just doing a kind thing that’s all. I just don’t like notaries not getting paid and I will BLAST out those Signing Services who do not pay notaries. As with Kelly Mobile Services, I want people to please just give them one more chance. They have new employees now and she already has proven that she is paying notaries. Gloria S,

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Markus did you send your invoice? Please send it so you get paid and cc me please so I can make sure you get paid. I am helping out as a kind service, I do not work for Kelly Mobile Service but after speaking with them and doing a signing for them they promised me that they will pay all notaries who were not paid.


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Excellent. That is very nice of you. May you have a successful year.

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Can I email you as well? I have tried many times to have an invoice paid by Kelly’s Mobile Notary Service. The invoice is from Dec. 17th, 2021.

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Hello All . . . Sharing @deejaywards FINAL experience with Kelley’s Mobile Notary (created on a new thread on the Notary Cafe forum):


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