ALERT: Signing Order aka Notary Resume

Where you away that Signing Order aka Notary Resume has an internal review process on the notaries who are signed up to receive signings? Notaries do not see the reviews being posted as it is internal only. It should be out in the open for a response when a review is posted. Not fair.

Sadly, those that pay get to make the rules. Apparently, they don’t want to be accountable for their mistakes and it’s easier to blame the notary.


I agree with both comments about Signing Order / Notary Resume. Today, I had a lengthy email exchange with their Support folks because I received a message from a signing company that they could not hire my services due to “17 blacklists” and “negative reviews” posted for their purview, and not open for rebuttal or in kind signing agent reviews on the portal.
I work with more than 200 companies from around the country and close an average of 800 deals per year. I have high rankings from them. So, what’s different about those who sponsor SO?
I deactivated my profile today. The cheesy black balling and bashing is very low caliber. I will also post onto Yelp, my experiences with SO.


These ‘blacklists’ are on every platform accessible only to paying party and any hiring party can add whatever they want, for any or no reason at all. Could be total fiction and there’s no way to know what’s real and what’s not. But judge you, they will. They have unlimited authority. What comes to mind is the old adage: power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As many Schedulers are working from home and have unlimited power…
Can’t remember the co., but they sent out a blast e-mail a while ago letting NSAs know, in no uncertain terms, that they have the POWER to make or break you. Yes, if your fee is ‘outrageous’, we will blacklist you. So, when you quote a reasonable fee for an over-the-top job–you are blacklisted. Just for example, I received a $140 offer today for a very large package. Might almost sound good…except it’s 6 hours drive time and over 250 miles. IF I’d given a reasonable quote for this from my perspective–it might get me blacklisted for being outrageous.

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Well, we block companies that keep sending out these crazy low fees anyway! It’s actually a waste of time to reply by clicking on counter offer or decline on their app.

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I don’t have interest in attempting to understand the mentality of those who believe dark politics and taking the low road has more value than a simple and professional, no thank you, to fee bids that exceed what they construe to be reasonable.
After all, they are not the folks pounding the pavement, absorbing doubled fuel prices, eating super inflated paper and toner costs, and driving miles to get to assignments for, in many cases, reduced fees.
During the previous 9 years as a closer, I have been privileged to earn and maintain the loyalty of nearly 200 companies, in a loyalty-lacking industry. I am so glad to dismiss Signing Order and those paying companies there, who saw fit to delve into petty black balling, regardless of why.


@Arichter Yes, concur :100: percent. We’ve seen this in action very recently . . .

I had one very similar to this yesterday for GNW to a Detention Center. Quoted a fair fee for the required time, travel, & turnpike fees. They were elated! Why? The previous business owner they called had a fee that was TWICE what I charged . . . One never knows. It’s like Cancel Culture => the threat alone (of being blacklisted or cancelled) appears to be sufficient to Restrict Freedom of Speech. :cry:


You are in truth. It is biased propaganda for whatever reason those feeling entitled to bash anyone, ever. It is prejudicial, libelous slander. SO evidentially believes that hiding behind a secretive curtain they are immune from litigation. Not so, and I wonder how long it will be before a class action suit cracks and subpoenas their records. In moving on from this company and others that no longer suit my business profile, a continuation of new companies to work with parades along to increase my prosperity and success. I hope you and others will consider this same value towards expanded abundance. :smiley:

Self-importance and delusions of empowerment in a microcosm, fed by low self-esteem and false beliefs that illusions of disempowering others will somehow build their empires is laughable. Petty, school child politics … at best . LOL