Algorithms on the Apps

I seem to have fallen into no man’s zone on the Snapdocs algorithm.
Any suggestions as to how I can get more job requests in the areas I want instead of timbucktou .

It’s not necessarily anything you are doing wrong. A hiring company sometimes just sees that you are in the state they need a signing done without paying any attention to how far you actually are from the signing location. I reside in Olympia and receive signing requests for central or eastern Washington. Or I’ll receive a request for a signing next to the Oregon border or Canadian border. Which I will certainly do for the RIGHT price.

Or sometimes they measure distance “as the crow flies” rather than by actual highway distance.

SUGGESTION: Try listing the cities or counties you serve in your profile and see if that helps.

I had a situation today for an assignment that i missed by 1 second. When i called the company they shared with me that they have it set up to assign the job to the notary who is closest who responds first.