Always Be Prepared!

We notaries spend a lot of time on this forum and many others trying to find out who to sign up with, how to market, where to get work, etc etc., when the answer is right in the palm of our hands. I’m sure most if not all of us have had business cards made up - and if you haven’t I strongly suggest you do…it’s the investment that keeps on giving - but do we always have them on us? Do we always hand them out or are they home in the desk drawer or in our briefcase without our having easy, ready access to them?

I had an experience today that reminded me how important it is to “Be Prepared”!! I had a notarization at a nursing home - Durable Power of Attorney which required two witnesses be present. Most times the witnesses are either friends of the resident or even visitors of other residents. Well, today, it happened that one witness was a regional Hospice grief counselor who knew the family; the other was a Chaplain who traveled to various nursing homes in the area visiting folks. Both of them, to my surprise and delight, asked for " a few" of my business cards - so they could give them to their co-workers and other patients. And oh, by the way - the daughter of my resident ALSO worked for Hospice in the next county - she took several cards too. And so I walked out with a smile on my face for a marketing and networking opportunity that went well.

Be Prepared!! Yes a stack of business cards costs may be $30-$40 - but that little 2" by 3" piece of cardstock is your best friend in this business and may well be the best investment you ever make!! And once you have them? Carry them!

Okay…off my soapbox now.