Am I wrong?

I did a seller’s side closing through Snapdocs for Closeline Settlement. I’ve worked with them before and haven’t had any issues before. I did one yesterday and the title company did not upload the signature page to the warranty deed. I thought it was odd and checked the package again for it and then checked to PDF uploaded directly to Snapdocs and it wasn’t there. I scanned the document, it was approved and I shipped. They received it this morning. I had 8 other closings, I wasn’t sure if the warranty deed was signed separately or if it wasn’t required etc . But then again I didn’t think I should be held accountable for title’s mistake when I executed what I was contracted to do.

I get a call from one of the processors this morning in an angry and condescending tone accusing me of not shipping the missing signature page.

I said, “Yes I thought that was odd! I checked everywhere for it and even double-checked the PDF uploaded and it was also missing.”

She said, “Well you should’ve called. Now I have buyers sitting in my office that can’t close because you didn’t do your job.”

I said, " I thought it was odd and it really didn’t click until after late last night when I looked through the PDF and saw it was missing."

She was getting increasingly upset and I told her I’m in the middle of an appointment and we will need to communicate via email. I also said I don’t mind going back out and getting done as soon as possible. She sends me the warranty deed again and notifies the borrower in an email and explains that the signature page wasn’t provided to me.

I emailed her my fee to accommodate is $75.

She emailed me back stating “no thank you… you are very unprofessional and rude. It’s the notaries job to notify title if all the documents aren’t present” She then tells me that she will no longer use me, removed from her entire company (OH WOW! you are just a regional title company I made $500 with this year woman)"

I don’t think I was unprofessional and rude. There are many expectations clearly defined for the Title company and others clearly defined for the notary. Your company made a mistake, that’s fine. We all make mistakes.

  1. There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate so we can accomplish a task
  2. You can’t expect me to drive 30 minutes to and 30 minutes from an appointment for free especially when it wasn’t a mistake caused by me.

I have gone above and beyond for title companies that have shown appreciation for our relationship. This lady was out of line in my opinion.

I’m open to constructive criticism and I think we can use this experience to get better.

Well, to me, a “Sellers side” signing would require a Deed be signed, so I would definitely contact hiring party and let them know the signature page is missing…at least as a CYA. BUT, then they ‘approved the scan’ and later realized THEIR double-whammy error, so I think they should pay you for the 2nd trip. I guess the lesson here is ‘3 wrongs don’t make a right’.


I agree. I probably shouldn’t have shrugged it off. Lesson learned.

My only concern is that title companies and/or signing services will trend toward putting the blame on notaries when docs are missing from PDFs.

I think this would’ve been ended better if she called and said," Hi, just noticed the signature page of the deed was missing, this is crucial for us as this will need to close today. We made a mistake by not uploading it and it would be better if you sent me an email instead in future closings. Are you able to get to the sellers?

This lady decided to blame me entirely for the situation and refused to pay for the 2nd trip.

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It is up to the notary if she suspects something is incorrect and has the time to review documents to determine that something is incorrect — but lately docs are so late that no one has the time to REVIEW them for correctness - the other week I had a refi and the exhibit a - legal description was for a boat slip - for 540000. a boat slip ??? ding ding ding call the title company - I do when I can and the docs needed a bit of a review and rewrite at their end - but they were grateful - most times they are and that is what makes a “good signing”

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If there’s time to catch an error I’ll let the SS and TC know. Too often I get the package late with little time to proof read.

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Heck, I can barely get the borrowers’ address right with the time I’ve been given to do the job. I did catch a “blended” signing where I found two different borrowers’ docs mixed in a single package. That was an easy find and I gave the title officer a break and didn’t squeal on her. I can happen.

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