American Home Loans

Hi, I received a random request for services – seems fishy — checked out website and phone number — all seems still too vague and not able to discern credibility…anyone else receive this…? I did responded to email 2 weeks asking for more details — rec’d reply just today with download pdf, which I did not download — and given password once I download document, asked login with snapdocs information on their downloaded program…antennas are up!!..anyone else??

Hello, We are looking for a notary agent to handle our documentations for us. We are looking to buy and sell our estate and we will be glad if you choose to work with us. We are offering $175 per any available closing and depending on the distance. Kindly get back to us if you are interested.


David P Longstreth
American Home Loans.

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I received this email also. Couldn’t find any one by this name by googling.

I’d say it’s spam email. I through it into my spam folder. gotta be vigilant these days.

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I received the same email and deleted it! I am getting a lot of similar emails and it is very disconcerting.

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Thanks, that is what I figured – their website looks real, but it is also looks very general with no real substance – and the first number listed on the website is no good – and the second number listed is a mobile number judging by the message. Thanks, Spam it is!!

It is!! It is unfortunate that we have to check, double check, or even question offers — I would hate to miss out on real ones weeding through the fake ones. I check first, but sad we have to. …and there was another one today – seemed more credible, but I truly believe it to be spam, too…but I am trying to figure out what are they getting out of us soliciting to us this way? the downloading part…? Geesh. It is hard enough to receive plentiful jobs (especially here in LA), and get paid on time, but to deal with this as well ?!?.., it definitely takes a patient person…glad I am :slightly_smiling:

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I am really rethinking being a signing agent. Between the scammers and the low pay, if you get paid, it seems far more hassle than it is worth.

Had I been privy to the information on these websites/forums/groups prior to becoming a signing agent, I might have “re-thunk” it as well LOL – but It is fun, I don’t rely on it as major income, and I just hope the good outlasts the terrible. I will rethink other ways to get connected to some reputable companies though. I have not had any horror stories yet, so it is so far so good…except for these scammers and email :)confounded:

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It’s a SCAM email. Block their emails.

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Good catch. If they have a real signing, they would call you and offer you a signing at a certain location, date, time, fee, etc…

Fishing scam, just trying to get your login info.