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I just received an email from this company. Is this a legit company? Or is this spam?

It appears that this is one of those companies that target notaries for paid listing membership and make many promises to deliver…… I would pass on this … IMO

Don’t pay to play they will not deliver on the promises


Thank you for responding🤗

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Y’know, I never get any of these ‘mystery’ emails soliciting my services from never-heard-of-them companies. Seems like many other folks do get them. I wonder why I’m by-passed, not that I really care because most of them sound like problems waiting to happen. Just wondering, that’s all.

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Maybe they look at your profile and think you look intimidating LOL :astonished: They’d rather just move on… (I don’t get many but I have gotten a couple)

I agree. Maybe 1 or 2 I can remember in my 11 years doing this. Maybe they know most “experienced” notaries won’t bite, and just target newer notaries.

You can list for free, pay five bucks a month or pay $35.99 for a year.

As a newer notary entering year 2, I tend to try every avenue. You could try a short term listing to see if paying is worth it. I am on several platforms and track all revenue by platform. Makes it pretty clear as to who has the valuable platform and who is just taking money. That’s what I think anyway.

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