Americas Best Closers - Any Tips?

Has anyone signed up with America’s best closers? I have went on website to sign up and I see nothing of the sorts. I also emailed them on their ‘contact us’ email a month ago and no response.
any tips on how to apply with them?

Are you sure they’re not just a pay-to-play (no jobs) Directory?

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They are a SS… 4 stars on Notary Rotary but if I were you I’d go read their review…seems recently they’re not paying timely at all. (Ignore the 5star reviews given by someone in FL…when there are one and two star reviews then a sudden five star in the same state, I disregard those…self-serving ratings IMO

Good luck

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Not sure what that means, I’m new to the notary game but if they aren’t a good company to sign with I’d just like to know that also

There are a ton of Directories that will list your business for a fee but do NOT provide any business at all. Linda is right about subject co. I’d suggest you spend some time reading old topics on this forum as it’s the best way to get yourself up to speed on the good, bad & ugly aspects of this business.


Your reply is PURE GOLD, @Arichter Concur completely & totally.