America's Best Closers

Has anyone worked for this company recently (last 6 months) and been paid?

Post deleted as I WAS just paid!!!

My check from them has just “bounced” Will not work for them again. They are obviously going down hill.

I received a phone call from Americas best closers. She assured me that they had money in their account and it must be my banks error. I’ll give her credit for calling me. I was assured my check for the latest closing is in the mail. The funny thing was the check was dated the 16th, which I received a day or so before and deposited the 16th sooooooooooo they must have sent out the check before depositing funds in their account to cover it. I also asked for and will continue to bug them for my $12 bounced check fee. If the next check doesn’t bounce I may continue working for them on a limited basis. e.

Worst company ever! Do not work for them. They don’t pay. I did a signing for the November 25 2019. Still waiting on payment!