Amrock/ Announcement today: RTC = Right to Cancel

Great info, I acknowledged her charity as being very sweet (:

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I understand the importance of knowledge and ensuring all is done correctly; however, Amrock is misleading in its notice and should simply stipulate that this is their requirement/expectations.

There are some clients who expect all original RTCs executed and returned to them. Not knowing who wants what, I always ensure the client is left with 2 copies, but I always have signers execute and I return whatever number of originals the package contains so as to avoid any issues.

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I agree. I too recommend their program to anyone inquiring about getting into the business. I discovered them after I had taken another course, and I love their ongoing training. Despite all of my previous experience in lending, real estate, and as a Notary Public, I always learn new nuggets from them which improves my craft. The way I tell folks who inquire is that if they are looking for a cheerleader to help them with marketing their business, other programs can be useful, but if they really want to learn how to be a great notary and signing agent, then they should definitely invest in Notary2Pro/NotaryStars.

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Before making post like “reeks of MLM” in all bold I’d love to invite you to research of What Notary Stars is and stands for. We are definitely nothing like that and saying that on a public forum from is kinda damaging to people who really care about what they are doing. And we really do care.

Notary Stars just celebrated its 4th Anniversary this year and has developed a training library that is uncompilable to most, we offer LIVE training daily for those in need, and Notary Support no matter who someone is working with. When I started Notary Stars I wanted to pick up where the NNA and other listing sites and training courses left off. I’ve been in the business for over a decade as a Notary Signing Agent and now a Signing Agency and I wanted to create a safe place for Notaries and Signing Agents alike to list, learn, earn, and thrive together without paying an arm and a leg. Like so many I got tired of digging through forums where a lot of people post opinions and not facts. It took me so long when I started to get my footing in this business, and I just wanted to give back to Notaries who might be piecing it all together as well. There really is a lot to learn in our industry.

We also offer a great deal of free public training, and we only charge for those who wish to be there because we know so many can’t afford it. Our entire YouTube Channel is dedicated to free public facing training for those who can’t afford our very affordable monthly fee.

Jody, who posted the reply is a very sweet person and definitely not involved in an MLM marketing. I am personally very proud of her because she’s worked really hard to get her career going and I’m sure when she posted she just wanted to help others. I, as the owner of Notary Stars, are also in no way ever wanting to create anything like MLM.

The characteristics that define MLM definitely do not describe us:

  • No or Low-Quality Product or Service- we only offer the best training we can create
  • Outrageous and Unfounded Product Claims - We aren’t the “Make Six Figures” trainers
  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics - We don’t pressure anyone to join
  • Pressure to Buy and Stock Inventory - Again no pressure
  • Poor Company Communication- Any member will tell you we have stellar communication
  • Expensive On-Going Training or Other Business Items - Members can pay to access the library and training but there is no contract at all. Our members stay with us because we really do offer great training and our library is robust

I can understand being skeptical but I do hope you’ll stop by and visit our YouTube Channel so you can see for sure what we are about. You don’t have to join to visit and explore what we have to offer. And you can also reach out to us directly anytime if you have more questions. If you want to learn more, I am more than happy to get on the phone with you and explain more but I’m pretty sure the welcome video on our YouTube explains a great deal of it. Notary Stars: New Member Onboarding Video 2022-2023 #notarypublic #notarytraining #loansigningagent - YouTube

Please do not hesitate to reach out direct.


@rmickle1 … I didn’t use all bold, that edit was added to a snippet of my comment and reposted by another forum user in their reply only. I simply offered a two prong observation on a public forum and closed by acknowledging the OP offer/act of charity as being sweet. My comment was in no way confirming that MLM was being propogated only that the OP could be interpreted as such. Evidently, the OP was so unclear that confirmation was needed, and rightfully obtained, afterwards. As a conciliatory measure, I will remove my comment if you feel it was damaging to you. Although I have observed a vast number of comments much more ill seated than mine regarding notary training programs across numerous forums, offending anyone was not, nor has it ever been, my intention.

@alexam1012 that is what I used to do … If the said they wanted “all copies signed and returned” then that’s what they got … I just made the appropriate number of extra copies so each signer/person in interest had two each … Per federal regulation

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The signers package has 3 copies also.


How many signers? Not sure with how this is written

I make sure that I print three copies of each RTC, no matter how many the lender supplied (they often supply only two). I have each signer sign all three. I leave two with the signer(s) and send one back to the lender. It often states right on the RTC above the signature line that the borrower states that he has received two copies. This is the way I’ve seen it done since the 80s. Back then we didn’t all have computers and printers in our homes, so if a signer wanted to exercise their right to rescind by mailing in one of their copies, they still had a copy to retain for their records. Just my 2¢.

I was really grateful to find Notary Stars last month! I am also a better learner when I can ask questions in real time and watch experienced notaries go through and dissect notarizations and scenarios clearly. I’m a newer notary and I don’t want to step out there until I feel confident that I can comfortably describe what people are looking at and signing. I have experience as an elected official so the detail oriented and professional communication aspects of it are easy for me. I was also a loan originator and a collector for a few years for a bank, so I understand loan and mortgage documents. But this is a hands on connection with people who are going through a big event in their life and I want to be sure that I can bring confidence and trust into the room so they can be at ease as much as possible during that time. This will take knowledge, experience, and lots of prep!

What is the fee Amrock pays these days?

You are allowed to select your fees. Try to not price yourself out of your local market

Thank you. In my locality a $65 fee with scan gets accepted in 2 seconds!!!
It is incredible!

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This is one of the reasons signing fees are down overall.


Absolutely! I have been thinking about this since I decided to join some of the many forums. I started this path ten years ago and it took some time to learn the different loan packages. I underwent my training back in 2015 through the NNA. It’s scary because errors create delays. This profession is not about the amount of money you can make, but rather creating a smooth process for signers.

Thank you for saying what we all have been thinking!

Lot of conversation regarding RTC. This process could vary by state for amount of copies even though reference is to federal regulation. Research what your state requires by simply searching on internet for your state and right to cancel. Information will also include amount of copies required and does vary but state. Started my business 2015 and this was one first documents I researched since so many lenders had different requirements. Customer is not always right for your state.

Have to disagree with you here Alice; RTC copies are not governed by state law but by federal regulation, and that regulation is clear - two copies to each party in interest. Failure to follow that CAN and has laid the groundwork for borrowers to attempt to get out of the loan altogether, and CAN and has led to an extension of the rescission period from three days to three years

Hi Linda ~ sorry I used incorrect language on my post. Agree with your statement and I do process RTC copies correctly. What I have noticed is lenders / states have different requirements for amount of copies for each interested party. Such as 3 copies, 2 copies, 1 copy, 5 copies. This is where I meant people need to research requirements by State. As you stated FL 2 copies for each interested party. Would like to hear input from others in different states.

I have been in the mortgage business since 1983. I also have a perfect score. I think most they use do that Amrock or other companies hire.
When you make a package for the borrower, do you really need to worry about the borrower getting 6 of the recission. I mean really. They are overthinking it all. So, after printing after printing the entire package for the borrower, Amrock has got to know that if the Notary followed directions and gave the borrower a complete set…they received the 3 each of the recission.

This subject is visited so often and I don’t understand where the question is. There is only one answer here… The recession days are a federal law, FEDERAL is the key word, currently it states EACH borrower must receive two copies …The only question is the individual company/ Title, they have there own specific instructions as to how many THEY want returning to them signed… meaning one from each or two returned signed… I personally like to explain this to the borrowers and hand them with their copy the two each, just to be certain and in real time versus saying “it’s in your copy”. This applies to Owner Occupied Properties, not Purchase, not investment. As long as this is followed along with the individual instructions of that particular Title/ Signing service there should never be a question? I have found that agents that close often seem to get comfortable with thinking it’s the same for everybody when the important part to always remember is each title company or signing services instructions for that particular file no matter what file type it is, you must read the instructions and follow it if this is done and you have them instructions in front of you, there’s no room for doubt and it’s also your only proof that you followed it correctly.
With respect and best regards,
Jody .

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