Amrock/ Announcement today: RTC = Right to Cancel

I must save up, but Notary2Pro will be my next course. I had my first two signings last week. It would have been nice to have someone to talk to to calm me. I come from an Affordable Housing/Development/Construction background, so I already know how particular lenders, investors, title, etc are; especially RBC, Citi, Chase, and BofA. Thank you for the kind advice.

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Since loan closing business is sooooo slow these days, I’ve been noticing many, many, many mobile notary signing agents either entirely giving up on running their own business, or at the very least, looking to supplement their now nearly non-existent income by instead offering training seminars to others, for a fee of course, as a way to make income in our industry!

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Right To Cancel , 3 you have them sign ALL 3 send back ONE SIGNED & DATED, LEAVE 2 per borrower, they send one ONLY IF THEY WISH TO CANCEL. How can U be a Signing Agent and not KNOW WHAT A RTC is ?

That is exactly the reason why our fees keep going down, not up.