Amrock app acceptance

I get multiple notifications for available signings and lately they are all taken when I click accept, no matter how fast I can click accept.

Thinking about just saying to hell with Amrock. Their signings are generally simple…although chase docs are generally late or like pulling teeth to get so I mostly decline those.

The app way of assigning takes out any loyalty there could be to seasoned signing agents.

I’ve been working for them for years and never had this issue previously.


All I know is that they call and also send orders through app.


Some people are just super fast at accepting the orders. I miss a lot of them too.

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My biggest issue with amrock is their reassignment process. Every title company I work with gives the notary rights of 1st refusal if a signing is rescheduled but amrock puts them back on the app.


Have you reloaded the app? They updated it recently.


Yo check your inbox……

Thanks for the reminder!

I think it depends on whoever is the closest to the signing location?


I don’t know about anyone else but I just love Amrock and their Rocket family of companies!


I would have to agree. AmRock is great simple easy.

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“I am rock” Get it? Amrock? :joy:. I say that for fun!:joy::joy::joy:

Lately I’ve been getting the ones I’ve excepted. But there’s also been several where I was instantly trying to accept and I did not win it. They were almost be a literally no way for somebody else to get faster than me and less they were in the app ready to go.

It is a good idea to reload your application each week. I have three major customers who assign by app and it makes sense to me that they work better when they are updated.

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Welcome to new an annoying world of 5G cell service. Are you in a 4G cell service area? Then you are SOL. I have 5G areas north and south of me and guess what, they get the notification first before it moves on the 4G area.

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I believe they are fake, to show some else is accepting at that rate. I could be wrong.

Been with them for a longtime and the same happened to me. I’m A rated, but that does not seem to matter. They want you to lower your price, when you do you may see more until they want you to lower it again. Cheapest, regardless of quality gets the business. I called Vendor Management to find out what was going on and that was it. Every once in a while, they will call but it is always a closing that is a distance, an after-hours or weekend closing. ALL which I charge for!
BTW if you don’t sign on to their site once in a while, that can be a problem as well. So disappointed in them

(CA) I checked into the 5G stuff and found out that 2GEXT is the alternative and often works even faster than 5G. Don’t be misled. I’ve done everything known to man to make my phone receive incoming emails and texts faster including getting advice from AT&T and Apple and my ISP. I installed a booster device which sits next to my desk and I cleared all space between my router and my computer. I powered down all devices not in active usage [that eat up bandwidth], too. I’ve cleared my phone of any and all apps that I don’t expressly need for everyday usage and I’ve studied every speed-up setting I can find on the internet to make things go faster. I’m not far from cell towers and I work in a moderately populated area. I’ve done it all. Still can’t grab a Signature Closers offering fast enough. I get maybe one in 25.


P.S. If any of y’all have a method I haven’t tried, I am ALL EARS!