Amrock closings

Has anyone who is still with Amrock experienced the sudden decline in their signings over the last few months? I ask because I went from being slammed to the point that I have not had time to do a lot of signings for the other companies I am signed up with. Keep mind all my scores are at 100%. I have contacted to make sure everything is up to date on their end and that there are no glitches. There have been a couple glitches that have been fixed, but now signings are 1-4 a week. They keep coming up with the same excuse that the volume is slow. When I ask them about the issue of a notification coming through and some has already gotten the signing by the time I respond which is 1 second after I see it come across my phone, they it could be the tiers that I am in despite my score and it could depend on the cell phone towers. They also say it is the system and that there is nothing they can do about it which makes me start to believe everything they are saying is a bunch of BS. They also keep saying things will pick back up which I also think is BS. I am just I’ll with them right now!

Welcome to Notary Cafe. Look this topic up in the search bar and you will find experiences from others. On a side note, I am not sure how long you been in the business, but during the pandemic, Amrock has gone mostly Hybrid (RON). They should have notified you of this change, and they even offer in-house training on their new signing process. If you are referring to Hybird (have been doing these types of signings) then its just the industry as a whole that is slow right now (high interest rates/low demand). Most borrowers cashed in on their real estate needs during the pandemic when rates were way lower. Hope this helps!

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