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Had another LSA tell me that Amrock may be a good SS right now. I’m in Houston and I have one direct title company I work for and some more SS’s, but still haven’t broke $5,000 in a month. I’m not sure if we are just heavily populated here in Houston, Texas or if I need to do more leg work. Anyways, my question is about Amrock’s fees. Do you accept their fees when you sign up or enter your own. I have worked with Solidifi a lot and they pay $110 for a refi if it’s within 30 miles of your home. I’ve traveled up to as far as College Station from Katy and earned $175 (plus). Any advice on Amrock would be helpful please.

$65 for refi plus $20 print fee

I sent a list of fees I wanted and they “countered” with lower fees. I agreed to the fees as I assume that they would increase the chance of back to back signings close together. However, I have yet to accept one as they have all been further than an hour away. I found their training useful and I learned a few things. I’m in a fairly rural area in Missouri. I have received 3 offers since finishing the training this weekend.

I signed up with them and entered my fees. They returned with an email that my fees were too high. Their reasoning was that their packages are very small and on average should only take 1/2 hour at the table versus the hour of a normal size package (130+ pages). Additionally, I spoke with some other NSA or LSA’s who stated that their packages have only 4 pages that need notarizations vs., some others I’ve done that have 13 pages needing notarizations. So based upon that, their calculation is that their $65 plus $20 for Edocs for an $85 fee is reasonable for 1/2 hour vs $85 for a 1 hour signing. I have to say that if they can provide the volume needed, I find their calculation to be sound when mixed in with direct title work. Using both together may get you to that $5K per month.

Thank you for that info and that makes more sense knowing the packages are smaller. I’m use to Solidifi where packages are anywhere from 150 - 200.

You’re welcome. I’ve been thinking about signing up with Solidifi but didn’t know their packages were so large, but at least they pay a reasonable fee for the package.

Hi there neighbor! I’m in Houston as well! how long does it take you to do the larger packages? Also, have you been able to sign up with Amrock? I called a few weeks ago and they told me they weren’t taking any Texas right now and to call back in 90 days…

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Good morning,

I’m aware that your post is dated, however how long was your sign up process with Solidifi. I completed my background check a month ago and I’m still waiting.

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I am in Arkansas and Amrock said the same exact thing to me… I called them back in 90 days and again, they said the very same thing…

I signed up with Solidifi in June of 2021. I kept reaching out to them, as all of my credentials still said “pending”. I was finally able to speak with Kenneth, a Regional Manager, did a short over the phone interview and he approved all of my credentials while I was on the phone with him. He said they are very slow right now and I still have not received one signing from them.

I had my phone interview with Ken and my application is still pending. I get the majority of my work from Bancserv.

I will not leave the house for Amrock for less than $100 within 20 miles of me. If it is further than that I have negotiated a reasonable fee. and if they chose not to take my fee let them find another notary that is either closer or willing to lose money and go give them a profit.

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