Amrock & title 365

I haven’t received any SIGNINGS from AMROCK for a while so I went on their website and email them I told him I certifications were up-to-date and that I haven’t gotten any SIGNINGS from them. lo and behold, I got a response and now I just received a signing from them. I don’t know what happened— if they changed management — but either way they have me in their database now. Secondly I have not received any SIGNINGS from TITLE 365. what is going on with them? Does anyone know?

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Im not directly signed up with either one as I’ve only been doing this part time since July. I have done one for each company though recently through online services like Snapdocs. Now, i was curious as to why. I do live in rural Pennsylvania, not sure if that would be the answer. Maybe they didnt have a notary in my area so had to use other means???

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Gestures broadly at literally everything.

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I’m in Indiana. Title 365 is constant for me, however Amrock is rare now. Amrock is doing a lot of IPEN closing now.

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Amrock is very slow right now they are barely doing refinances, they are my main company and I only had 3 in November with them, ever since July they are dead and all the bigger companies too, you just have to wait it out!!

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It depends on the region. Slow but I’m doing pretty good. I just got done with 2 in-person closing and now back at home waiting for clients on RON. Only 3 this Saturday.

RON done Finally!!! Yikes! :grimacing:


Ever since Amrock started letting notaries assign their own fees and not letting us know what the usual fees are in the area, I have only received RON notifications. How low do we have to go to get hybrid or other types of loans? Have you ever received a anything other than refis from Amrock?

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Amrock has not being keeping me as busy, and when they do its far away

I’d have to look way back in my calendar to see what I put down but yeah mostly revise occasionally it seems like I’ve done loan buyer/ SELLER packages it is

I would like to get certified for Ron but I don’t think it’s set up in Alabama yet and someone advised me here or elsewhere ( you tube) not to get set up for Ron until my state was ready for that. I’m not sure why.

Regarding T365, I suggest you might want to reach out to Order Support/Vendor Management and confirm your profile is still active and up to date (although they typically email if you have a credential expiring soon). Or it could be your required fees are higher than others in your area, and/or someone just undercut you, by updating their profile with lower fees for your area (that happened to me this summer, a competing notary dropped their fees $10 and I now receive a lower % of the local offers/orders, as I refuse to chase the other notary’s lower fees into extinction). You can also double check your report card with T365, for any surprises that didn’t jump out at you when you saw it last…If you had any errors, you can sometimes get sidelined for 60 days, depending on the severity of the error, as I understand. Lastly, they are still very much still in business but perhaps and most likely, just slow in your area. Fortunately, I receive “app” offers every couple of days, and an occasional call, but most are for out of my immediate area 60-100+ miles away, which I counter higher (double or triple my regular rate), but only occasionally “win” those. I do manage to confirm/pick up one or two standard fee offers each week consistently within 30 miles. Hope this helps!

I don’t know anything about Alabama law but I would agree that you don’t want to do anything until you’re approved to do RON in your state.

@genevawilkerson33 as to Alabama - here is a link to your handbook. Pages 11 and 12 outline RON in your state and the pertinent statutes to help you along.