An open letter to Servicelink

Here is an open letter I sent to Servicelink. Feel free to comment.

To all concerned at Servicelink,
Please note that I WILL follow through on my current obligation BUT after this assignment I would prefer that you no longer contact me until you get rid of the totally impersonal Exos website/portal. The portal totally eliminates any chance of contact with schedulers. I’m sorry that you want nothing to do with us notaries except to give us orders but we often have questions or information that should be important to you… such as my current assignment is a split signing and it doesn’t appear that you or the title company are aware of it. I have sent you two emails (being the Exos portal has no place for notaries to comment) about this with no response back to me.

I have more work then I can handle so again, until you get rid of the “one way only” Exos portal, please remove me from your list of available notaries.

To all reading this on Notary Cafe: I LOVE the Snapdocs portal as messages are right up front making it easy to vsit with everyone concerned involving the signing. I wish all title companies would use the Snapdocs portal.


Agree. EXOS is like self-driving cars…it works until it crashes.


Thanks for the LOL @Arichter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I thought it was just me and somehow I was having difficulty understanding how to navigate the website. Until you mentioned it, you are correct, ServiceLink is totally impersonal. But, being one not to be ignored, I call people and make a pest of myself until I get a response on an assignment. More work than its worth. They were also the first ones to sign me to their RON platform, and I have yet to get an assignment. Has anyone had any success closing RONs with them? Just curious.


I sure don’t as their pay is too LOW. Most TC’s are on top of things, because direct signings are sooo much easier.

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Thanks for your reply @Tisino . I am glad to find that I am not alone. I have not signed up for RON so I can not address that.

Hi @JohnM-FL . Is your area saturated with notaries? Do you ask for more compensation from Snapdocs. They typically offer me $150.00 per signing. In contrast this Servicelink job I’m complaing about is paying me just $90.

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Please don’t just accept the posted fee – call and talk to a live person! When the assignment comes across your email and you are interested, call to see whether it’s still available, then quote your rate for taking the job. I have found that this works with ServiceLink. As for SnapDocs, they are just a clearinghouse for signing services as well as title companies. The requesting party is the one paying the bill (DocPros, WFG, etc.) Though you can’t go to them directly to request your fee, often you can counter on SnapDocs.

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I’m not on their list, so I don’t receive offers from them. I do, however see the posts in this site. It seems in Florida the typical offer is $85, $90 maybe a $100 at most. Our TC’s pay $125-150 for the same and usually don’t require Scans and in many cases provide the doc’s.

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Snapdocs/C2C have never offered more than 75-85 out of the box, and never take my counters at any amount over regardless if the assignment is late or on a weekend or last minuet…must be too many desperate notaries in my OC county SoCal market.

another thing I don’t like about this company’s portal is : I always have a hard time uploading scans . I always end up having to email the scans to them.

I am not familiar with this company, but thanks for the heads up.

Sevicelink has always been accessible, when I have questions by phone. It very sad that cut their fees tremendously in my area. In my area, their orders are taken in mere seconds at $62 for refinance loans. When they call me, I normally get my fee. A lot of companies have converted to automation systems. The day of getting most assignments via the phone, is like seeing payphones on every corner.

I would say less than 50% of my offers for ServiceLink come through Exos. They still call on many more. I never accept their $90 offers and often they will go up to $150 depending on the location and how close it is to the appointment.
It could be worse: the title company could have the initials of M.C.

I’ve turned my Crap Docs notifications off. They are horrible in my area and most are for debt consolidations or Hilton vacations. I also think their platform is amateurish. No thanks.