Analyzing Your Profit per Signing

There is a lot of discussion over pricing and fees. One tool that I find helpful is Notary Gadget. One of the reports that I like to run and I find helpful is my client sales report which shows me what my average profit margin is per company. This also tells me which one of my companies I need to focus my attention on building a strong/stronger relationship with.


I love notary gadget! I also like that I can send most of my confirmations to notary gadget and it will input the information for me.


For me its also a very convenient system, I installed it for main purpose - convenience in fulling out tax returns. Of course, as for many traders, for me it’s the most boring and unfavorable part of trading, but I think I`m not the only one) Also it needs to be combined with forex market opening time , because i’m not always in the States. Still, if it wasn’t for this platform, everything would be much more difficult and inconvenient. Im not bothered by their rates, in fact any similar system requires fees, but to me as a customer, its clear that the developers of Notary Gadget dont just tkae money, theyre constantly improving this poduct.

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