Any advice on how to get 100% profile completion?

I am at 88% profile completion on Notary Cafe under “Find A Notary”. I cannot figure out how to get to full 100% completion even though my profile looks just as complete as the people already at 100%. Can anyone tell me what I am missing (it seems many people are at 88% like me so it must be a common omission). Thanks in advance.

@RoadRunner => Welcome

For the specifics of items needed to Complete your Profile, see this direct Notary Cafe url:

OR, on the Ribbon above (starting with “HOME”) left click on the SUPPORT tab and populate your data & query. The Notary Café team is helpful & prompt. Plus, they’ll have all the accurate answers for your question! :angel::pray:

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I saw that link and info earlier. My professional info is listed in detail and that still leaves it at 88% completeion.

Did you see my private message to you?

FYI: It would be helpful to others if you included that information in your forum query. TIA :pray:

Did you recently update it?

If yes, I understand that can take up to 24 hours to reflect changes as it populates across the Notary Café network.