Any Chamber of Commerce Members?

Greetings all.

In the quest of getting marketing ideas, I read that joining your local Chamber of Commerce may be a good start. If you are a member do you mind sharing your thoughts and experiences? Or if you are not, do you mind sharing your thoughts?

Joined the local Chamber of Commerce (CoC).
Member for a few years.
Attended all the meetings, training sessions, meet 'n greets.

Discovered there are multiple mandatory costs (associated with nearly every aspect of the membership & activities the CoC). It was an expensive venture and resulted in a net negative financial & time scenario in my experience.

So, I opted for not renewing as my time is valuable and the financial return on investment was negative. My experience was not so great; however, other CoC organizations may not have mandatory fees for small businesses and thus may make it worthwhile to join.

Local research will serve you well in your decision. Ask if you can attend a meet 'n greet to formulate a sense of the camaraderie & activities/fees.

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I know it might vary state to state. And/or county to county. But roughly speaking how much was it to join?

Maybe this will help you

Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce - Fairfax, VA (

I just joined my local Chamber of Commerce and it was $250 for the year. First meeting is online tomorrow. I don’t know if $250 is high or low but I’m giving it a try.