Any feed back on the Closing exchange?

I’m getting emails for The closing exchange signing service and a free training on HELOC’s Does anyone have experience with this company?

Closing exchange was my first signing service. I had over 100 closings with them after all my training and certifications, I got my first hands on experience with them. I was new to the game in 2021 so I took the 70 and 65.00 jobs wasn’t looking at the money but getting the experience. My rating on my profile is Excellent. The only thing I did not like was it was whoever clicked on the job first. I got better and quicker over time. Still work with them but I do alot of counter offers now with them my rate is now much higher than what they are paying. No problems getting paid (net 30). I also took all their training as well.

They’re good company, signing are free and fast between. What I don’t like is that they don’t go through a platform they use their own so it’s kind of a pain logging into a separate platform just for them.

I signed up with Closing exchange over a year ago – I have never been able to click fast enough to get a job – they are always super low pay wise -$65 – I’ve even had their website pulled up and tried to grab jobs from there too – still nothing.

I’ve done one job with them. they paid good and job was easy. you have to click fast because like you saw you’ll lose job to someone els if your too slow.