Any Live Scan Techs?

Hello, I recently added live scan to my company but am having trouble obtaining business, as it seems that everyone has a contract with a live scan company already. I did manage to find a few small churches and recreational sports studios who are not up to the AB506 mandate code, but they don’t seem to have a sense of urgency to bring their staff and volunteers up to code. Anyone else having these issues with their live scan business? What types of businesses are the best candidates to market to? Thanks

At first I was thinking gun shops. But then I started thinking bigger. Have you thought about partnering with FBI? I’m serious. I was thinking of businesses or departments that require fingerprinting. Or what about targeting Federal employees and Federal employee applicants?

Anything that requires fingerprints for FBI processing. And that covers A LOT. Homeland Security, TSA, cadet applicants, airline employees, court employees, college faculty & staff…

More info here about partnering with FBI Interested in Doing Business with the FBI — Vendor

The FBI primarily solicits bids and proposals through:

Please review the sites listed above for the FBI’s current solicitations and areas of interest.

What You Need to Get Started

To pursue any federal contract or grant, vendors must:

Vendors may want to:

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I wonder how many different things people are going to come up with to survive during the slow business time, I feel really bad.

Thanks Carmen, I appreciate you! What you’ve listed are all obtained through bidding on Gov contracts. All the large organizations already have live scan contacts in place, so my best bet is to target small businesses who may not be compliant with CA’s AB506 mandate that went into effect Jan 1, 2022. I am at the tail end of the process of being approved to bid on Gov contracts (I am working with a PTAC advisor). The one piece I don’t think I’ve seen was how to work with the FBI. I will check that out. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Lisa, state and cities also contract with local small businesses, not just the feds. And any business that hopes to contract with any government agency (even a small one) must first have a DUNS number. (It’s free and you can get one online pretty quickly.)

I included the links so you can see the steps to beinga contractor. And omg yes, it is a dizzying, all the obstacles and hoops to jump through, but I guess just just take it step by step, like we did when we first got started in business. Some of these agencies have numbers to call if you have questions. And once you get through their vetting proccess, you’ll have opened the door to a whole new world of business possibilities.

You could call your local school superintendent to offer your fingerprinting services to help you get a foot in the door. If you get turned down,.ask if they point you in a better direction.

I have a tiny suggestion: create yourself a separate Google maps business listing specifically for “Mobile Fingerprinting” or “Mobile Fingerprinting with Live Scan”. This way, people who are searching will be immediately drawn to your listing because it is precisely what they are looking for.

I admire what you are doing, Lisa, and I wish you the best of luck. :sparkles:

Thanks Carmen, in August, with the help of a PTAC advisor I went through setting up my business to bid on Gov contracts at all levels (Fed, State, County, City, and Municipalities) and registering my business for all the designations (WOB, MOB, EDWOB, etc.). And yes, it is a very tedious and long process. But I was looking for businesses at the bottom of the food chain so that there is less “red tape” to get through. Since my last post though, I have found a few ways to market which have been successful. Also, the DOJ has my business listed on their website so business is beginning to pick up. Thanks for your your suggestions.

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