Any one work for N3 Notary Services

Just received a call asking if I would be interested in working with them.

They offer $20.00 for electronic I-9 verification, usually too far from where you live to make it worthwhile. I did one for them 38 miles from me and was able to negotiate to $60.00. The job itself was very easy. You use your own laptop and meet at a public place with Wi-Fi. The problem is after you accept the job, they send a constant barrage of annoying e-mails and will call you when you are driving to the assignment to tell you to call them when you get there (which is already in their annoying e-mails.) Afterward, you’ll get another email telling you to update the status of the order to “complete,” even though you are on the phone with them while you are verifying the 1-9. And last but not least, you will not get paid unless you contact them relentlessly and finally threaten legal action. I knew of their reputation but another Notary told me she works for them and doesn’t have problems getting paid. Look them up on Notary Rotary.

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Do not work for their low fee unless you are desperate for money. I’ve blocked their #.

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No wonder they are searching for notaries. I have not heard good things. I sent the contract back but won’t work cheap. I told them no less than $100.00 + copies, fax backs, travel, etc. I won;'t take something that is not a benefit for me. How is the payment schedule? Do you have to beg them to pay out?

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very low fees, and they expect the notary to conform to their customer’s schedule in order to set an appointment. Nope, not for 20-25 dollars
very little support.

After I completed all the steps for the electronic notary verification, they still send reminder emails to complete another step, I think they all work from home so there is no one to step up.

Thank you. I am not hearing anything positive about them. Sounds like this will be a very nonexistent relationship. No wonder they are recruiting so aggressively

Run fast!!! They are the worst! I did i9 and that was it!

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They pay $20 so I take the closest jobs by me. If you have a “pick-up” - mot an I-9 usually medical records - beware because they do not pay for the return of documents - you do and they want it by UPS - they said they would give me their acct number but UPS does not do that - you need a return label or you pay around $11 - so you made $8.

I do not understand why they even wanted my information. They asked what I charged from the first call. I will not leave the house for $50.00 let alone $20.00 and then pay for their shipping? No wonder they are chasing notaries. From what I have been reading about them we will not be doing business anyway.

My friend does the I-9’s for them but says the client has to meet her about 5 steps outside her door (ie a close restaurant, like you said) because of the low fees. She says they pay her on time and it was easy and the schedules are very flexible.

Too bad she can’t corral about 5 of them together to do at the same time…

Same thing happened to me. I don’t take their jobs anymore