Any other signing sites out there like snap docs?

Any other sites out there like snap docs?

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thank god there isnt :wink:


Oh, SD serves a purpose. It’s a central signing board. What torques my tongue is when I see an SD assignment come through with a statement like “Due to an increasingly high volume of errors, we now require scanbacks of all critical documents…” Really? “An increasingly high volume of errors?” Hey, folks, you get what you pay for! You want to pay bargain basement fees, you get bargain basement service. You want to attract experience, skill, patience and attention to detail? Offer a decent fee!


Yes Signing Trac is the same pricing

Yes, it serves a purpose… The main purpose is to lower the amount paid to the notaries for their services! These companies are making bank all the way around. They hire fewer people to handle the scheduling (saving money), and they pay the Notaries less (saving money) and the notary fee charged to the borrowers is the same! So who is getting the difference? Not me! I have to do fax backs now! ! !

Not only do they offer low pay through Snapdocs they take forever to pay you. There are few companies that pay without you having to harass them for payments. It’s extremely frustrating. I worked as an Escrow Closer for 15 yrs so I know how these agencies get paid.
On the note of fees I had a request come over the other day for a REFI at $45
I was literally offended! They don’t quite get how much we spend just to do a signing
Paper toner gas time
Gas is $4.50 a gallon.
Anyways I am just annoyed
Theses agencies are the middle man and any middle man never takes the percent they take. It should be a 60/30 split with 60 to the notary not the “connector”
Regarding your question sign up at signing


My point exactly. IF SD didn’t skim a portion off the top of notary payments for “administrative” costs, IF SD was satisfied with the fees they charge lender members for simplifying lender processes and proving access to a large pool of signing agents, SD would be a good tool.