Any problems being paid through Fidelity National Title?

I have been onboard with a local Fidelity National Title Company for some time and so disappointed in them. So far I have not been paid for 3 closings going back to October 2019! And to add insult to injury, I billed them less than I should have. There is no excuse for not paying a Notary. I was told that the processor was going too fast and did not cut a check for me on 3 different occasions. I did not pick up checks each time I walked in the door because the girl was busy and I did not feel right making her stop to get my checks…silly me. In November, 2019 I was told that because they were not cut, they now needed to be cut through the corporate office. OK, well get me the forms I need to fill out to be paid through Corporate. I did that and sent them in on different occasions. The processer gave me all kinds of reasons, she did not get them, must have missed them in email, etc. So trusting her, after working with her for so long, I sent them again and again. Then I finally insisted she give me a contact at Corporate to send the docs to. I sent the contact EVERYTHING. I was told it was end of the year reporting and he would get to it. So, finally I catch up to him at the Brookfield, WI office, introduce myself and he states he will take care of it. Then I am told that Chicago Title does all of their invoicing and they would contact me. So, the beginning of January 2020, I receive the SAME forms to fill out that again! I did that and when I did not hear back, I did it again. I then receive a letter from a girl by the name of Pam that states, she will let me know when they will send the checks and not a word since. I cannot not get a read receipt or a return call.
Since I closed more for Fidelity but not paid on all of them, I am a little worried.
I feel like I have given them enough time to respond. I would like to turn them to a collection agency or attorney. Any advice. I have been going along quietly as not to screw with one of my title companies but I am pretty much done! ADVICE ANYONE?

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Fidelity is a huge co. I’d take this right to the tippy top of Corp. HQ. in a very brief e-mail stating HOW LONG you’ve been waiting/trying to get paid for ‘attached form’. Obviously, lower levels have dropped the ball repeatedly.

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One in October, November and December, 2019. These were mistakes by one of the processors that forgot to cut my check. I have completed many closings with them before, after and in-between these missing payments and been paid on those. Just not the ones she forgot to input into the system. I hate to be too hard on them because I have had a pretty long relationship but I am very frustrated. I should not have to pay for her mistakes. I did my job.

Well this was around the start of COVID so maybe they were running scared. Maybe they’re planning on bankruptcy or something.

This started in October of 2019 through November before Covid. I was told by the manager I was not the only one with this problem, that was December when I cornered him in person. I have chased this to the top of whatever I can find. No one cares. Too big of company. I will not accept any orders from them in the chance this may happen again. I worked for them for years and never an issue. They won’t pay on these three, I won’t work. I have too many excellent companies that keep me busy.