Anyone been requested to do a presentation for debt settlement?

Anyone work with Infinite Law Group signings for debt negotiation programs,

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Sorry I can’t help. I don’t do application, debt settlement, debt relief, debt resolution of any kind.


Thanks for the reply VIPnotaryCo. Im not feeling this assignment at all.

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Most of us avoid these like the plague. Usually, there’s some doc in there that says you ‘represent’ the co. Sometimes even as a paralegal. When it goes south for the signer…? You are the only face they saw. Besides, the deal is usually horrible and there’s lots of free help out there.

Story time: Long, long ago, when I was new and didn’t know better, I took one of these (that didn’t say I represented the co.) and the signer went ballistic BECAUSE he had responded to a phone call and claimed they said they could greatly reduce or eliminate his credit card debt. And, said “Sure, why not?” to them.

When he saw the contract’s cost (the real deal) he said to me “This is not what they said. Thought it would just make my cc debts disappear. Why would I not like that? But THIS is not what they told me. I have no problem paying my debts, so take your (note that ‘your’) contract and get out of my house!” That was my first and last debt relief signing!


when I was new, I set my fee between $75-$100. You can tell the hiring company that you will only do them if you are allowed to cross out and initial the line about representing their company. Make sure you repeat the agreement in writing on the order.

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Debt Settlements: Run…FAST


Thank you for sharing. Point well taken,

I was curious about what these were…I no longer am…

I won’t do them either. It’s not worth the time and especially the little they want to pay!!!

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I have done debt settlement presentations for several companies. The pay is not great but fills in during the slow times. Reading the script and signing the forms. Straight forward.

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I have done several for them and a few other debt settlement signing companies.

I’m am there with you… those are on my DO NOT DO list too.

I have done one and for me, it was not the most emotionally difficult job I have done, but its difficult balancing the needs and interests of both parties. I would say that communication with the client is key prior to the appointment AND if anything does appear to be an issue that the client didn’t discuss with the debt settlement company, immediately contact the debt settlement manager and make sure the client is comfortable and understands what is going on. If not, be ready and willing to walk and document their concerns. In this instance, the client did have an issue and after failing to contact the debt settlement manager, I sent an email, had the client send one as well. The debt settlement company contacted me the next day and when I discussed the findings and issues, they agreed to make the changes the client requested and I completed the assignment. My costs were covered for both transactions. As far as fees go, these transactions are labor intensive so I dont cut any discounts. But you are acting as an agent and involved in a contract between two parties, that upon execution are then bound by the terms and conditions.

I have done these before. It’s not that bad and I’ve negotiated higher fees and have gotten a lot approved-could’ve been nobody else would take them. Yes, debt settlement sucks but they should know what they got themselves into if they are signing up for a debt settlement program. I also know personally someone who has done this and he said they explain everything up front before they get to the signing party and when the attorney calls they explain everything all over again so it’s not like the signer doesn’t know what they’re getting into. When I get to the signing table I always let the clients know right away that I am an independent contractor and in no way affiliated w/ this company so if they have questions we will call their representative. Also, I do not ask them questions or talk anything about what they are doing-if you do, be prepared for them to tell you something you are not ready to hear. I usually talk about other things unless they don’t want a conversation. And, if clients are still confused or don’t want to sign I immediately stop the signing.

Yes I’ve done a few of these…Not hard!

Yes, I have. It was only a week and half ago so will be wondering if I will get paid when the 30 days is up. I’ll be watching for it. I will not do it for them again as I was stressing about a simple thing, like trying to learn how to scan and convert to pdf, organize files, etc, etc and I ended up going to my local UPS store and did it in 10 minutes. Should have started from there, sighs. It was a learning curve for me. and it wasn’t hard but hated having to do the verbal presentation–my mouth got so dry! LOL

Has anyone heard of Notary Express A360?