Anyone getting jobs from Amrock lately?

Not a blip on my app for the last two weeks.

I reloaded the app, did a test notification, checked my standing, haven’t changed my fee structure…


Anyone getting anything?


All Quiet on the Western Front.

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Many, daily basis but I get calls a lot too. I also close their buyer, sellers and standalone (equity)… sometimes you need to send an email or call and ask to get sorta re-activated… your profile is good and scorecard? Check these too…

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I get maybe one a week from AMROCK. Still it’s the cattle call, so I need to be already scrolling on my device and have a quick trigger finger to catch them. But they are still coming through, although primarily for RON signings. Once in awhile something will come through for somewhere out in the hinterlands. Even though they are at my requested rate, if I have to drive farther than 30 miles I will usually pass those up (gas prices).

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Nothing in the last several weeks. I called and asked. Not really an answer other than it is slow!
The few I did get a few last month thst canceled!


Thanks for the response!

Good idea. Due health issues. I was not responding to them so i guess i dropped in standing. I will certainly email them and other companies.

I have not been able to sign up directly with Amrock as of yet. Pennsylvania isnt on the list of states that they are accepting at this time. Now, im not sure if it would be the same everywhere but Ive been doing paper ReFIs for them through the Signature Closers. For some reason, at least in my area, the people that are requesting paper closings are being transferred to a signing service. So again, not sure if this is everywhere or just in certain areas.

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I’m getting about 10% of the requests that I got last year, mostly for RON this year. Unfortunately, before I even receive the notification, the order is already filled. I think they have a glitch in their algorithm. Why send out a notification if the order is not available. They have told me that “someone accepted it before you”. Well dah, if they get the notice first.

I have received calls for long distance driving. However, I too have received notifications with phone in hand to accept - but get an immediate “job taken”. My husband keeps saying we need to find a programmer who wrote the program that picks it up and accepts right out of the gate :laughing: - there is no way someone can accept before it hits your phone. :crazy_face: