Anyone have a problem with notarygo?

I have applied with notary go and they keep saying problem with my background check. But, everyone from real estate commission to secretary of state in n.c. has not had a problem with my back ground check. Is this company worth my time or just move on

Most SS want only NNA’s. Is that the problem? To answer your question, N-go usually offers VERY low fees so you MUST counter way more and you might get lucky. They are very slow pay, but do pay.

I did an ID proofing with NotaryGo on 3/8 and received payment on 3/15. I didn’t encounter any issues with them in terms of my background check so can’t speak on that. This was my only experience with them so I’m sorry I don’t have more feedback for you. Hope you’re able to get it figured out.

I submitted a NNA background check. I do not know what is going on. I have emailed them, and they have not responded. I also filled out the contact form and no response. They will not answer the phone. I have left a message and still no response.

Thank you for your response. No luck on my side.