Anyone have any experience with Favored Panel

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I have been doing photo evaluations for Dave at Favored Panel for about a year. They use a very simple app on your smart phone to take photos of a damaged car and it uploads everything immediately. The whole process takes like 10 minutes.
They are contracted by Agero FSI. They usually pay via PayPal the following month. They are sometimes a little slow based on when they receive their fee from Agero but they ALWAYS PAY. A good way to pick up a few bucks with NO EFFORT or time involved. Highly Recommend.


I just recently started working with them and they pay out every Saturday. I did one week before last and paid out that Saturday and did 3 last week and paid out that Saturday. I had to call them this last time because it was a little late, they paid out and they were having computer problems, but should be corrected this week. I like doing this.

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Glad to here I to enjoyed the quick easy pay. I have done 9 jobs the first 7 no problem. The last 2 have been we will take care of that asap. Now full mail box, no answer or return response.
1 is 4 months old.
Good luck

I also work for them and they are a really good company and easy to work for. I also do inspections for Sand Castle have worked with them for over eight years great company. About six months ago was contacted by they are also a good company.

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I’ve worked with David on a handful of jobs over a two year time span. I did a job back on 6/6/2016. I still have not been paid 7 months later. Previous jobs he was very slow to pay, 90+ days. He will not return my emails now. The sad part is that he only owes $35. I would not recommend working for his co. Low pay or no pay as is my situation right not, even if it is relatively easy. The app you are required to download is very glitchy and sometimes you may have to redo the photos multiple times.

I have worked with David & Joseph for a couple years now. The last one I completed was September 1, 2016; still no payment 5 months later. I strongly advise to RUN from this company; you will NOT get paid. Very sad, since they use to be great to work with.

Update…I think they’ve got some cash flow problems. They used to pay like a slot. Took them 6 months to pay for my last 3 jobs (only $75.00 was owed) I now recommend steering clear.

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Does this kind of work even pay for your gas? They have chased me for years and I always turn them down. $25? $50? You have got to be kidding.

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Are there any other REPUTABLE companies to do photo evals for? I got a call the other day from an investment company in Miami and they wanted me to go photograph a vacant house about 30 minutes from me in N Fla to “make sure it was still standing” before their company bought it. He did want me to go out that day but for the pay I dropped what I had planned (a Saturday afternoon). The man said he would pay $150 by Paypal and he did, while i was on the phone with him BEFORE I even left my house. I drove out, took the pics and texted them to him and he said thanks and that was it. Would love to find more like these. I am assuming this one was one I just got lucky on and this does not happen very often.

Hi all -I just did my first job for them and now he is asking for a second job but I see mixed reviews but this is from a few years ago. Any updates for 2020 working with Dave at Favored Panel? Thanks so much!