Anyone have the lowdown on National Title Solutions?

Look for a thumbs up or a thumbs down on this company. Do they pay on time? Do they get docs out in a decent window? Do they respond to requests for info? Thanks!

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Have not heard of this co. Googled. Their application is simple enough, but they have a paragraph saying ‘if it doesn’t close, you won’t be paid unless you printed, traveled & attended the signing…then you need to contact them & discuss the matter and you ‘may’ be eligible for a trip fee’. Also, their application seems to assume one fee fits all loan types & locations. Hope someone has more & better info as this doesn’t sound very promising to me.

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i did a lot of signings for National title solutions over the past holiday season thru a SS company.And i also did a few direct signings for this title company this year. Overall, far as getting docs at a decent time,it doesn’t happen with this company.Its mainly last minute.Which i don’t like .And they’re pretty disorganized in my opinion.And some of their employees is not great to work with.Especially one in particular comes to mind.They also have a tendency not to communicate their expectations or instructions in a clear manner.And will place the blame entirely on the signing agent. Also my direct signing experience wasn’t great with these guys.For example on my second direct signing i did for them they offered to pay me $80 for a refinance signing.Yes a title company wanted to pay me $80 for a signing which is unheard of for a title company.I was surprised and after talking with someone else from their company i told them i won’t do the job for $80 but i will do it for $125 which is what they paid me on my first direct assignment with their company.But we end up settling on a fee at $100 .And the SS who hired me to their signing was paying me on average anywhere between $90-$110 depending on the job. I know they are not one of the top title companies to work for but offering $85 for refinance sounds like an SS offer. So they’re a title company that will low ball their fees.So watch out.I was also told if i was willing to bring my fee down from$125 to $100 i will get more work from them. I could write more on this company but i think you get kinda the idea of what to beware of. Best of luck if choose toward with these guys.

P.s. Thumbs down based off my personal experience with National title.Hope this helps

I was called out of the blue by them on Friday for a split signing tomorrow. The contact email is long and a bit confusing for my first time…

Hello 7jamarra, Great post. I am a newbee and wondering if you can share some off your top Title or SS companies you work with? By the way, do you know anything about “The Closing Exchange (”?