Anyone out there hear of The Docloud?

My business partner just got an email from this company (of whom she had never heard), thanking her for registering and telling her to sign in to complete her profile.

No. Nada. Nope, no way, not a chance. If we don’t initiate the contact, we don’t go near your “click here” link.

Anyone else out there get an email out of the blue from this company?

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Yeah… I think it’s C2C… it’s late, I’m too tired to research this…just it jiggled a memory in the 3 brain cells that are still working. G’night…

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If it is Coast to coast
Do not work for them
Low fees that will not cover your expenses

MD here! It definitely is Coast2Coast. They informed us they were changing their platform. Their Friday trainings were very helpful to me as a new notary BUT they absolutely DO NOT pay for time spent. I always counter and sometimes they come through.

C2C. Still waiting on a payment from almost 6 weeks ago but it was good pay.

Yes and blocked like other spam emails. Someone always trying to make a buck off the gullible…shame on them.

(CA) No pay isn’t good pay. Hope you collect.

I received the very good pay last week. It was slow pay not no pay.

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Do not work for them
Coast to coast signings changed to C2C on some signings to fool notaries

They pay so little most times
Wait for money
You’ll lose money

Taxes at the end of the year