Anyone work for Served 123 LLC?

I did some research and see they have been verified by Trust Pilot, but I never did any work for them. Has anyone performed services?

I did and was not paid

Frank Quinn

Hello Frank,

My name is Daniel from Served 123 LLC. It is disheartening to hear you didn’t receive payment. Your name does not appear in any of our records. Are you certain it was our company? If it is in fact our company please email us at or call us at (800) 321-2377 and we will issue payment without delay.

Thank you - Daniel from Served 123 LLC

@frankbquinn Did you see the post above?


I made a mistake and mixed up 2 different services. I have never been hired by Served123LLC

My apologies to their company

I posted the signing services who have not paid me under looking for advice Non Payment Signing services

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